Chris Johnson - Guitar

Chris Johnson plays guitar with Fish.

He is also a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist producer with his own studio, Nautical, based in York.

Chris He did his first European tour at the age of 19 in a van full of hippies, hummus, wine in plastic bottles, cheap cigarettes and countless flies, sleeping on the beach or in churchyards or supermarket car parks, and playing for food and booze.

He learned a load of instruments playing in a hip Americana bar band where they'd keep swapping places to avoid becoming stale, quickly establishing themselves as the hottest live band on the circuit.

The band's original songs got a lot of attention and they signed their first record deal as Lo Beams, spending loads of someone else's money learning the dark arts of record production at a high spec facility in Leeds, and doing a load of great gigs with The Frames, Dodgy, The Mutton Birds and Garth Hudson.

Chris signed his second recording deal as The Evernauts, writing a third of the album The Northern Country, this time using the investment to build his own studio to record the album. You can get it off iTunes.

He toured with Mostly Autumn in 2005 as their acoustic support act with Olivia Sparnenn (Breathing Space), also designing the atmospheric sound effects for the main show.

He joined Mostly Autumn full time as a keyboard player in 2006 but ended up playing guitar and singing as well, and he wrote four songs for the album Heart Full of Sky including Silver Glass and Blue Light.

He joined Fish for the recording of 13th Star in April 2007 and has been on and off the road with him ever since.

During this time Chris has written and produced a brilliant album with his new band Parade, featuring fellow Fish bandmate Gavin Griffiths on drums, and Anne-Marie Helder (Panic Room, Mostly Autumn) on vocals.

ChrisThe album by Parade is called The Fabric, and is available now!
Go and buy it!

Other projects:
Mostly Autumn
Odin Dragonfly

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