Many thanks to:

Pete Oram - my significant other - for helping to write the Javascript and site generators, putting up with me while I spend nights editing and supplying me with coffee and encouragement.

The Company guys world-wide, for all their hard work and time spent providing the fans with support and info, and helping to promote Fish in their part of the world.

Everyone who sends photos and reviews to me for inclusion. Credit is given on the pages whenever possible. Some e-mail addresses are withheld by request.

Erwin Gavic, Bert ter Steege, Jeroen Schipper, Maarten de Heus and Ken Bibb - these pages were compiled using some of the information posted to the Web by them.

All of the editors of the Marillion tour programs (pre 1988) and the magazines of 'The Company Holland', 'The Web UK' and 'The Company Scotland' over the years, I used a lot of info from them.

The helpful and mostly harmless bunch of people known collectively as the Freaks mailing list.

Bill Frech, Raigo Kirss and Karsten Werner Bier for help with the tour history.

Mark and Julie Wynne for allowing me to use their work, and the info they collected for the 'Wilderness of Mirrors' site.

You - reading this - without you there would be no point in doing it all.

And last (but never least) little brother Fish, for supplying most of the current info and without whom many of my most enjoyable gig experiences would never have happened and my CD racks would be missing a lot of quality music.

Take care, stay alive, see you on tour.

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