Recorded live at St Mary's Church, Haddington, 26th August 2006 (fan club convention)

01. The Field [Dick/Watson] (8.19)
02. Jumpsuit City [Dick/Boult/Cassidy] (5.30)
03. Favourite Stranger [Dick/Usher] (5.50)
04. Shot the Craw [Dick/Watson/Duguid] (5.28)
05. State of Mind [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes] (7.32)
06. Tilted Cross [Dick/Jackson/Johnson] (4.22)
07. Fortunes of War [Dick/Cassidy/Boult] (6.37)
08. Just Good Friends [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds] (6.03)
09. Incomplete [Dick/Antwi/Milett] (4.06)
10. Change of Heart [Dick/Boult] (3.44)
11. Lady Let It Lie [Dick/Paton/Cassidy] (5.55)
12. A Gentleman's Excuse Me [Dick/Simmonds] (4.19)

13. Rites of Passage [Dick/Simmonds] (6.00)
14. The Lost Plot [Dick/Turrell] (4.53)
15. Slainthe Mhath [Dick/Rothery/Mosley/Kelly/Trewavas] (5.13)
16. Chelsea Monday [Dick/Kelly/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas] (6.11)
17. Scattering Crows [Dick/Watson/Turrell/Duguid] (5.22)
18. Tara [Dick/Paterson] (5.29)
19. Raw Meat [Dick/Paterson] (7.01)

All songs published by Fishy Music Ltd/ EMI (Music) Publishing Ltd.
Except tracks 15 and 16 Charisma Music Publishing Ltd/EMI (Music) Publishing Ltd.
Copyright Chocolate Frog Record Company Ltd. P and C 2007
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm.
Produced by Calum Malcolm.

Fish - lead vocals
Frank Usher - guitar
Andy Trill - guitar
Steve Vantsis - bass
Tony Turrell - keyboards
Gavin Griffiths - drums
Dave Haswell - percussion
Heather Findlay - backing vocals, bodhran, low whistle
Angela Gordon - backing vocals, flute, penny whistle
Anne Marie Helder - backing vocals
Tara Dick - backing vocals

Production manager Kelvin "Yatta" Boys Yates
Event coordinator and Fish's personal assistant Elspeth Laidlaw
Sound engineers Steve Rispin (Out front), Paul Kennedy (Monitors)
Back line technicians Mark Tomlinson, Angus Fearful
Lights Chris Brown, Andy "Tosh" McIntosh video projections
Cover design Mark Wilkinson from a fishy concept
Assistant production manager Gregor Millar
Web site management and technical co-ordination Mo Warden and Pete Oram (Grafixation)

Lead singer of a band to solo artist is not the easiest transition to make. Generally speaking the riches are greater but the critical recognition less forthcoming. McCartney has only recently been forgiven for Wings, Sting has never been forgiven for anything post Police, whilst the once mercurial Ian Brown now seems to be one more bad gig away from a 9-5 job in Burtons.
So what about erstwhile Marillion front man Fish? Has solo life been hard on Lothian's finest? His new live album Communion gives us the perfect opportunity to examine not only his back catalogue but also his current ability to wow an audience.
Well I have to say, Communion isn't half bad! No actually it was bloody good. It's a fine showcase for Fish's fantastic voice, few artists sound this rich during a live performance and the crowd seem to be enjoying themselves without their presence encroaching on the music. Over two CDs Fish treats us to a thorough rendition of his best work. He may have no grasp of the perfect 3-minute pop song but when you sit back and listen to Communion, you become more fully aware of the fact that was never hisntention. Without a doubt fan or not it's hard not to recognise Fish as one of Scotland's few truly enigmatic front men. 8/10.
Chris Hammond

I just got my copy of Communion about a week ago (I missed the initial pre-order somehow!). For my money, this is THE best live Fish release in a long time! This really brings me back to the old days of the Official Bootlegs. It's just such a great set list, Fish's voice sounds the best it has in a long time, and the performances are so inspired. Also, IMO the packaging looks and feels as great as the RtC and Bouillabaisse packaging, yet done by little old Chocolate Frog! Three cheers to Fish et al! Great work. Jared Levin, 7 May 2007

I'd highly recommend the Communion CD, arguably the best sounding live CD in Fish's collection to date. It truly captured the nights as we remembered them, not to mention the musicianship is outstanding. Excellent recording in all respects and in a very professional package. This sounded so much like the church gigs we experienced it was like an acid flashback... not that we would know anything about that :-P Anyone Stateside worried about delivery will be amazed how quickly it arrives. This CD came within 10 days, F.I.S.H. might give a run for their money. Chris Lussier, 2 May 2007

This is a sweet, touching concert. With fiancee-to-be Heather and daughter Tara present, Fish is obviously in a reflective mood, and the emotion comes through beautifully. The big guy's voice may not soar like it once did, but he still gets the message across. And the acoustic version of the old classic Slainte Mhath may be the best rendition yet. Wonderful stuff! David Dyte, 28 Apr 2007

Anyone out there that has not ordered Fish's Communion - Two Words - Do it! What an excellent recording! The semi-acoustic performance adds a whole new depth to many of the songs, not to mention the ambient backing vocals added by the lovely ladies. Way too many high points to mention. The Lost Plot's ending melding into Slainthe Mhath. A version of Change Of Heart that really rocks! Like I said it's not like buying the same songs live. The mix and performance is top notch and Fish's voice is upfront and never sounded stronger. Just a great package! In between banter is left out and the two discs move at a great pace and groove. Lots of material played live for the first time including Tara (with Tara on backing vocal) Just a fantastic set! Only thing missing is a bottle of wine! George (From Cleveland), 30 Apr 2007

Ken Pierce has reviewed Communion for Piercing Metal and rated it 4 out of 5

Andreas Weist has reviewed Communion for MusicHeadquarter (review in German) and rated it 9 out of 9

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