Fellini Days

Chocolate Frog Records, released by mail order 2nd May 2001. Released to retail 13th August 2001.


01.  3D (09:11) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
02.  So Fellini (04:06) [Dick/Wesley]
03.  Tiki 4 (07:32) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
04.  Our Smile (05:25) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
05.  Long Cold Day (05:33) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
06.  Dancing In Fog (05:30) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
07.  Obligatory Ballad (05:15) [Dick/Wesley]
08.  The Pilgrim's Address (07:18) [Dick/Wesley]
09.  Clock Moves Sideways (07:17) [Dick/Wesley]

Recorded at The Studio, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland with additional recordings taken from sessions at The Grand Hotel, Pristina, Kosovo and live recordings from Leeuwarden, Utrecht and Oberhausen.
Recorded, engineered and produced by Elliot Ness.
Mixed by Calum Malcolm and Elliot Ness.
Mastered by Calum Malcolm.

Lead vocals: Fish.
Guitars: John Wesley.
Keyboards: John Young.
Bass: Steve Vantsis.
Drums: Dave Stewart.
Backing Vocals: Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas.
Percussion: Dave Haswell.

A Fellini Day is "a near perfect day during which time has no real meaning", made up of a collection of Fellini moments during which poet and singer Derek William Dick takes time to "savour the non-essential aspects of life..."
But it sounds unlikely here that Fish has been stopping to smell the roses. Some 20 years after his debut with Marillion, he is still preoccupied with relationships (mostly ravaged ones), all presumably his own. And it seems that once again there's been trouble in paradise. The loping and lovely 'Our Smile' talks of an illicit affair, while the brooding 'Long Cold Day', the forlorn 'Dancing in Fog' and the heartbroken 'Obligatory Ballad' lay bare the details of some particularly miserable break-up. Having long ago cast into exile the ghosts of prog-rock, Fish ushers guitars and female singers to the fore and blends his trademark poetry into the spacious but claustrophobic, almost Waitsian '3D', the blues-rock weight of 'Long Cold Day' and the gathering dramas of 'Tiki 4', 'The Pilgrim's Address' and the slowly creeping 'Clock Moves Sideways'.
Whole-hearted and oblivious to passing trends, the maverick Fish is always worth revisiting. 3 stars (out of 5).
Carol Clark (Classic Rock), Aug 14 2001

One-time Marillion man makes the first album of the rest of his career. Never one to take the easy option, Fish marks his 20th year as a professional singer with an album that will polarise followers as thoroughly as that 1987 departure from Marillion. Those that still call out for 'Grendel' at gigs will be apoplectic. But anyone receptive to luscious audio panoramas informed more by the work of John Barry and David Arnold than Genesis and their like will be able to luxuriate in the voluptuousness of '3D', surrender to the chorus of 'So Fellini' and accede to 'The Pilgrim's Address' and its acidly apposite denunciation of superpower bullying in the Balkans and elsewhere. Another year of personal and commercial crises and the indefatigable Scot's ability to deliver remains undiminished. 4 K's out of 5. Kerrang online, 15 Aug 2001

Very few modern musicians, especially those who at one time were internationally recognized superstars, have the guts to follow their muse in a real and authentic way, being more concerned with filthy lucre. Scottish vocalist Fish is the exception. Since leaving Marillion, the 1980s premier European progressive rock outfit, Fish's musical journey has taken several radical turns: the prog rock Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors, the Scottish Nationalist Internal Exile, The pop/soul Suits, and the angry as hell Sunsets on Empire. With his latest release Fellini Days, Fish moves off into what can best be described as the rock music version of an abstract painting or art film. While it is unlikely that this move will rocket him to the top of the pops, it once again reaffirms Fish's place in the pantheon of living legends. Dr. Jonathon Epstein (Rocklist), November 2001

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