Fellini Days Bonus CD

Chocolate Frog Records, released 29th Nov 2001. Available by mail order only.


01. 3D (live in Rotterdam 10/5/01)
02. So Fellini (live in Poznan 31/05/01)
03. Tiki 4 (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
04. Pilgrim's Address (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
05. Clock Moves Sideways (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
06. Dancing In Fog (History of Guns Re-mix)
07. Obligatory Ballad (Spaced Out Re-mix)
08. Clock Moves Sideways (Two Clocks in One Whole Re-mix)
09. Our Smile (Acoustic Version)

Engineered, recorded, mixed and produced by Elliot Ness
Mastered by Dallas Simpson at Serendipity

Drums: John Marter (1-5)
Bass: Steve Barnacle (1-5)
Keyboards: John Young (1/4/5/6)
Jim Heyden (2)
Max Rael (6/7/8)
Vocals: Fish
B-Vocals: Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas (3/5/9)
Programming: Max Rael (6/7/8)
Loops: Courtesy of Arng (6/7/8)
Guitars: John Wesley

All publishing by Fishy Music Limited/Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Limited/EMI Music Publishing Limited

P & C Chocolate Frog Records 2001
Design & Artwork - Mark Wilkinson at L-Space Design

I absolutely love the bonus CD, it sucked me right back in with the magic net that Fish weaves with his outstanding musical spell. Great job on the remixes. I love the way it pulled in the live quality into the feeling of the music without all the audience response. Reminded me more of the way I feel when I listen to Dark side of the Moon. A Major 4 star release! Becky Hammack, 22 Dec 2001

Just received the long-awaited companion CD to Fellini, and the disc hasn't left the machine since. "Absolutely pucker" as a certain Norwegian might say, and a fine and very varied supplement to the original Fellini album.
3D Live in Rotterdam proves that while the Big Man's voice may have slightly lowered over the years, the power of his live performance has only gotten better.
So Fellini in Poznan, the chants of the chorus roar from the speakers.
Tiki 4 in Oslo, this song is single material! The songs cooks an even deeper groove live.
Pilgrim's Address in Oslo, definite improvement in a raw live form over the studio version.
Clock Moves Sideways in Oslo, great song on the record, great song live, 'nuff said.
Dancing in Fog, Obligatory Ballad and Clock Moves Sideways remixes: while none are what I would consider dance-at-5am-like-a-helicopter-out-of-control-in-the-foam-party-at-Space-in-Ibiza tracks, all very deftly re-interpret these versions, especially the much more remix of Obligatory Ballad. Kudos to Max for all his work.
Our Smile Acoustic: right now, my favorite piece on the disc, and a very appropriate and very spare version of the song. In the post 9/11 world, this song speaks volumes.
John Carlson, 4 Dec 2001

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