Fellini Days Radio Edits

Chocolate Frog Records, released April 11th 2001
Radio Edits, Album tracks and interview disc. Promotional use only. Not for sale or resale.


01. So Fellini (4:13) [Dick/Wesley]
02. Tiki 4 (4:27) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
03. Our Smile (4:15) [Dick/Wesley/Young]
04. Tiki 4 album version (7:32)
05. Our Smile album version (5:25)

Interview tracks:
06. What are Fellini days? (4:21)
07. Writing & recording the album (3:30)
08. 'So Fellini' intro (2:20)
09. Tiki 4 (2:56)
10. Our Smile (1:26)
11. The tour (3:23)
12. The band (2:14)
13. The Website/Internet (3:08)
14. Future plans/acting (2:17)
15. Album release schedule (2:14)

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