Original release by EMI Records, 12th March 1984
Remastered 2CD, released by EMI Records, 7243 4 93369 6 (UK), 23rd February 1998

01. Assassing (07:01)
02. Punch And Judy (03:18)
03. Jigsaw (06:46)
04. Emerald Lies (05:08)
05. She Chameleon (06:53)
06. Incubus (08:30)
07. Fugazi (08:02)
Total Time: 45:58

01. Cinderella Search (05:32) (12" version)
02. Assassing (07:41) (1992 Alternative Mix)
03. Three Boats Down From The Candy (04:01) (1984 Re-recorded version)
04. Punch And Judy (03:50) (Demo, previously unreleased)
05. She Chameleon (06:34) (Demo, previously unreleased)
06. Emerald Lies (05:32) (Demo, previously unreleased)
07. Incubus (08:10) (Demo, previously unreleased)
Total Time: 41:16

Lyrics and music composed and arranged by Derek Dick/Steve Rothery/Mark Kelly/Peter Trewavas/Ian Mosley/Jonathan Mover/Michael Pointer/Diz Minnett
Produced by Nick Tauber
Recorded and mixed by Simon Hanhart
Assistant engineers: Dave Meegan, Tony Philips, Steve Chase

Fugazi is one of the greatest albums of the prog rock genre. The songs have bite, generally conveying a mood of anger and disillusionment, and Fish sings them with real venom. There are solos galore, with Steve Rothery's guitar hitting new heights, particularly on Jigsaw and Incubus, and Mark Kelly conjures wonderful melodies galore from his keyboards. Both Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley show that the rhythm section is not just there for show; in particular, Trewavas produces dynamic and inventive bass lines which complement the lead instruments. The first 3 tracks on the first side are all masterpieces, with dark themes of assassination, wife murder and relationship breakdown respectively. Those who have suggested that Marillion are mere Genesis clones can stop here; Marillion are darker and harder than Genesis ever were (though there is undoubtedly some influence). Emerald Lies is weaker but still fine. The second side opens with the slow She Chameleon - clearly the writer has not enjoyed the casual sex on the road - and proceeds into Incubus, which is faster and heavier. It deals with the theme of betrayal and contains some sublime guitar work. But the best comes last; the title track conjures up visions of an urban nightmare haunted by the spectre of Neo-Nazis, nuclear weapons, prostitutes and the like, Fish spitting out the vocals with passion. All the tracks are quite long except Punch And Judy, which would have been an ideal single except for the dark nature of the lyrics, so they have plenty of time to develop the mood of each track. Overall, this is just their best (although not their most commercially successful) album because, unlike on the excellent Misplaced Childhood, they studiously avoid any pandering to commercialism - they just make great music. 5/5 stars. Tony Fisher (Progarchives), March 2005

One of the earliest defining moments for Marillion, Fugazi is an exceptionally good record for a band who never lacked for good moments in their first few years. Fugazi finds the band moving further away from the early Genesis comparisons (though those will always have some basis in truth) and into a more refined sound that is precisely Marillion. Admittedly the first half of the album is a bit more stodgy and less captivating as the final three tracks. "Punch And Judy" is nothing more than a catchy pop number drenched in the Marillion approach. "Emerald Lies" relies on a more complicated songs structure, but doesn't quite gel as firmly as the rest of the album. "She Chameleon" is a creepy, dramatic and haunting number that is chilling. "Incubus" is among the best Marillion songs ever, containing a strong song structure and overall just impeccable playing. The title track also falls into the category of complex but compelling song structure. Fish's vocals throughout convey great narration of some very intense lyrics. Fugazi is simply a strong record that ranks highly in my opinion of this great band. John Chedsey (Satan Stole My Teddybear), November 1999

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