Return to Childhood Live CD

Snapper Records, UK release date April 24th 2006, North America release date May 16th


01. Big Wedge (Dick/Simmonds) 6.28
02. Moving Targets (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 7.17
03. Brother 52 (Dick/Wilson) 5.01
04. Goldfish and Clowns (Dick/Wilson) 6.50
05. Raingods Dancing (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 4.47
06. Wake Up Call (Make it Happen) (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn) 3.19
07. Innocent Party (Dick/Watson/Duguid) 5.08
08. Long Cold Day (Dick/Wesley/Young) 6.27
09. Credo (Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher) 8.05

All tracks published by Fishy Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd/Copyright Control


01. Pseudo Silk Kimono 2.39
02. Kayleigh 4.04
03. Lavender 2.58
04. Bitter Suite -
  (i) Brief Encounter
  (ii) Lost Weekend
  (iii) Blue Angel 8.29
05. Heart of Lothian -
  (i) Wide Boy
  (ii) Curtain Call 5.27
06. Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) 1.59
07. Lords of the Backstage 1.52
08. Blind Curve -
  (i) Vocal Under a Bloodlight
  (ii) Passing Strangers
  (iii) Mylo
  (iv) Perimeter Walk
  (v) Threshold 13.04
09. Childhoods End? 4.34
10. White Feather 4.46
11. Incommunicado 5.11
12. Market Square Heroes 6.56
13. Fugazi 9.42

All tracks written by Dick/Kelly/Rothery/Mosley/Trewavas except track 12 Dick/Kelly/Rothery/Trewavas/Minnett/Pointer/Jellyman

All tracks published by Charisma Music Publishing Co. Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

Copyright in these recordings Derek W Dick/Chocolate Frog Record Company Ltd 2006

All tracks recorded live at Tilburg 013, Holland 13/11/05 except track 13 CD2 recorded at Koln, E-Werk. Germany 18/11/05

Mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm

Lead Vocals - Fish
Lead Guitar - Frank Usher
Guitar - Andy Trill
Keyboards - Tony Turrell
Bass - Steve Vantsis
Drums - John Tonks
Backing Vocalist - Deborah Ffrench

Perhaps in another time, and under different circumstances, Fish would have enjoyed more success as a solo artist. Having left Marillion to forge a career on his own, Fish's progress has at times brought the great Scotsman to the brink of obscurity and bankruptcy, only to be saved by, in his own words, several "cunning plans" that have brought him back from the brink in the nick of time. Time and time again, when Fish has had his back against the wall, with the critic's knives ready and gleaming, Fish has miraculously delivered with astonishing regularity. Such achievements have cemented his fan base, even if critics have remained nonplussed. Take for example, 1997's Sunsets On Empire, an album that would have been hailed as a formidable achievement had it not been the product of an artist named Fish.
However, these battles of survival have taken their toll on Fish. Without mainstream critical success fuelling album sales and perpetuating a consistent public profile, Fish has only kept going with a hardcore following that has sustained his career since going solo in 1988. A lot of energy and effort has gone simply into keeping this career alive, the kind of drive found in newly minted bands eager to prove themselves, or in old warhorses that will not be put down. There can be no doubt that Fish's voice has suffered too; it is no longer capable of reaching the high notes of his Marillion years, but has been replaced by a deeper, gravelly rasp that can be very effective, particularly in the spoken sections of his songs. Like Chris Rea, Fish's voice reveals the evidence of years of smoking and a gravitas that only the tumult of life experience can provide. It's only when Fish tries for those high notes do you realize this is an artist that has been singing, full-throated, his heart out for over 25 years. Fish's refusal to conserve his passion in his live performances has taken its cumulative toll over the years.
So it is with great interest to hear that Fish reprised the most successful album of his career, Misplaced Childhood, and toured it on its 20th anniversary. This double live CD, recorded in Tilburg, devotes the first disc entirely to songs from Fish's solo career. Placed in context, this is an excellent introduction to those unfamiliar with his solo work. These songs are not out of place alongside the critically acclaimed Misplaced Childhood. However, it is not until the second disc that Fish gives such a passionate performance as to be startling. Ably backed by an extremely competent band, and backing singer Deborah Ffrench who helps bring the songs alive, there are times when Fish produces moments of such magic that you realize that only a veteran would know how to deliver such a moving experience after all these years. From the bristling and brooding Blind Curve with Fish declaring himself "wasted, I've never been so wasted", to the contagious energy and optimism of White Feather, Fish is clearly in his element. You cannot deny that such passion is admirable. It's been a strange journey, to be sure. But there is a lingering, sneaking suspicion that we have yet to hear Fish's best work, but hopefully we won't have to wait for another time, under different circumstances, to hear it.
Rob Quicke (Britsound), 30 June 2006

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