Raingods With Zippos

Released world-wide April 19/20th 1999 by Roadrunner.
UK: RR8677-2
Eur: (Roadrunner) 498 6112
Promo: RR PROMO 386

Issued under licence from Derek W Dick to the All Blacks B.V.
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01. Tumbledown (5.52) [Dick/Simmonds]
02. Mission Statement (4.00) [Dick/Astley/Thorn]
03. Incomplete (3.44) [Dick/Antwi/Millett]
04. Tilted Cross (4.19) [Dick/Jackson/Johnson]
05. Faith Healer (5.01) [Harvey/McKenna/Cleminson]
06. Rites of Passage (7.42) [Dick/Simmonds]
07. Plague of Ghosts [Dick/Turrell/Daghorn] -
  (i) Old Haunts (3.13)
  (ii) Digging Deep (6.49)
  (iii) Chocolate Frogs (4.04)
  (iv) Waving At Stars (3.12)
  (v) Raingods Dancing (4.16)
  (vi) Wake-up Call (Make It Happen) (3.32)

01. Lead vocal - Fish, Backing vocal - Elizabeth Antwi, Drums - Dave Stewart, Bass - Steve Vantsis, Guitars - Steve Wilson, Piano - Mickey Simmonds, Keyboards - Tony Turrell, Intro guitar - Bruce Watson, Percussion - Dave Haswell
02. Lead vocal - Fish, Backing vocals - Nicola King and Tony King, Drums - Dave Stewart, Bass - Steve Vantsis, Acoustic guitar - Robin Boult, Electric guitar - Robin Boult/Til Paulman/Bruce Watson, Organ and piano - Tony Turrell, Percussion - Dave Haswell
03. Lead vocal - Fish, Female Lead Vocal - Elizabeth Antwi, Double bass - Steve Vantsis, Strings - Davey Crichton, Acoustic guitars - Robin Boult, Mandolin - Bruce watson, Harmonium - Tony Turrell, Percussion - Dave Haswell, String arrangement - Davey Crichton and Elliot Ness
04. Lead vocal - Fish, Backing vocal - Nicola King, Drums - Dave Stewart, Double bass - Steve Vantsis, Percussion - Dave Haswell, Harmonium and synths - Tony Turrell, Fiddle - Davey Crichton, Guitars - Robin Boult.
05. Lead vocal - Fish, Drums - Dave Stewart, Bass - Steve Vantsis, Guitars - Steve Wilson/Robin Boult, Acoustic guitar - Phil Grieve, Keyboards - Tony Turrell/Mickey Simmonds, Strings and solo violin - Davey Crichton, Percussion - Dave Haswell, String arrangement - Davey Crichton/Tony Turrell/Elliot Ness
06. Lead vocal - Fish, Keyboards/programming/solo - Mickey Simmonds, Drums - Dave Stewart, Bass - Steve Vantsis, Percussion - Dave Haswell, Strings - Davey Crichton, String arrangement - Davey Crichton/Elliot Ness
07 (i - vi). Lead vocal - Fish, Female backing vocals - Nicola King, Male backing vocals - Tony King/Merlin, Spoken French vocal - Pierre Michel Meier, Spoken outro vocal - Mo Warden, Drums - Dave Stewart, Bass - Steve Vantsis, All guitars and solos - Steve Wilson, Keyboards - Tony Turrell, Programming - Mark Daghorn/Tony Turrell, Strings - Davey Crichton, Percussion - Dave Haswell, Samples - Elliot Ness/Tony Turrell

The man is back. And what an album to return with. He's ditched the business side of the music industry to concentrate on what he's best at - writing damn fine rock songs. In the past the output's been a little uneven, but with Raingods what you get is 12 tracks without a single filler. Tunes such as Tumbledown and Mission Statement are solid rockers in classic Fish style, but the best comes with the final six numbers. Collectively titled Plague of Ghosts this is the giant Scotsmen firmly nailing his metaphors to the mast on an epic concept and includes some surprisingly effective drum'n'bass dabbling in amongst the lush production. You can't brush him under the carpet and you can't even hide the big bastard under the stairs! Absolutely bloody brilliant. Score 4.5 out of 5. Front magazine, 18 Mar 1999

Ex-Marillion singer Fish describes his new record 'Raingods With Zippos' - which has at first not very much to do with the strong but vastly ignored predecessor 'Sunsets On Empire' - as 'aggression on a higher, more subtle level'. Instead of heavy progrock songs Fish presents us this time - as on his first solo record 'Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors' - a vast variety of his musical preferences: atmospheric rock ('Tumbledown') stands next to sensuous tones ('Tilted Cross'), metallic ('Faith Healer', fantastic version!) next to melancholic sounds ('Incomplete').
The heart of the record is the 25 minutes long epic 'Plague Of Ghosts', which is divided into six chapters. It goes from Marillion-like progrock over gloomy spoken-word-parts (reminding of the divine 'Forgotten Sons') - which are typical for Fish - to modern pop-elements. Great! 8.5 out of 10.
Goetz Kuehnemund (Hard Rock magazine), 30 Mar 1999

Scottish singer-songwriter Fish's new Roadrunner Records release "Raingods With Zippos" is striking for its diversity - the prog stomp of opener "Tumbledown," the string-laden ballad "Rites of Passage," the heavy, blood-pumping rendition of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band's "Faith Healer." Past collaborator/keyboardist Mickey Simmonds lends his neo-classical touches to those first two tracks while Porcupine Tree's Steve Wilson contributes plenty of guitar work throughout "Raingods." It's also noteworthy that Fish collaborated with '80s pop star Rick Astley and Nashville veteran Paul Thorn on the rocking "Mission Statement."
The album's tour-de-force is the 6-part "Plague of Ghosts," a song which began humbly as an ambient remix of a Fish track by Mark Daghorn and Tony Turrell (Fish's new touring keyboardist and a major contributor on this album). But Fish saw greater potential in the track, and it eventually became the epic it is now. A journey of reassessment and re-discovering one's self, "Plague of Ghosts" absorbs ambient, ethereal drum 'n' bass, techno, and guitar rock into a beguiling atmospheric swirl which will transfix you from start to finish.
Good Times magazine, 13 May 1999

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