Scattering Crows

Release date April 2005

Live recording from Bradford England April 6th 2004.

CD catalogue number CFVP018CD

01. The Rookie (Dick/Watson)
02. Moving Targets (Dick/Watson/Duguid)
03. Jungle Ride (Dick/Boult)
04. The Perception Of Johnny Punter (Dick/Wilson)
05. Lost Plot (Dick/Turrell)
(Recorded at Robin 2 Bilston UK, Feb 18th 2004)
06. Numbers (Dick/Watson/Usher)
07. Zoo Class (Dick/Watson/Duguid)
08. Old Crow (Dick/Watson/Duguid)
(Recorded at Robin 2 Bilston UK, Feb 18th 2004)
09. Tiki 4 (Dick/Wesley/Young)

01. Cliché (Dick/Simmonds/Lindes)
02. Innocent Party (Dick/Watson/Duguid)
03. Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors (Dick/Simmonds)
04. Plague of Ghosts (Dick/Turrell/Daghorn)   (i) Old Haunts
  (ii) Digging Deep
  (iii) Chocolate Frogs
  (iv) Waving at Stars
(Recorded at Robin 2 Bilston UK, Feb 18th 2004)
05. (v) Raingods Dancing
(vi) Wake Up Call (Make It Happen)
06. Medley:
  (i) So Fellini (Dick/Wesley)
  (ii) Lucky (Dick/Simmonds/Boult)
  (iii) Internal Exile (Dick/Simmonds/Boult)
  (iv) Market Square Heroes (Dick/Rothery/Trewavas/Kelly/Pointer/Minnitt)
07. The Company (Dick/Simmonds)

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