The Dick Bros Record Company, released 15th March 1994

Recorded live at Utrecht Vredenburg Hall, 18th March 1993
2 CDs
UK: DDick2CD-(UK)
Europe: DDick2CD-(GAS)
Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg: DDick2CD-(BEN)
Japan: PCCY-01118 (Pony Canyon)
US : RMED00135-2 (Renaissance Records, released 24th Sept 1996)

Remastered 2CD
Eur: RR 8680-2 (016861868024) (Roadrunner Records, released 28th Oct 1998)

2 Cassette
UK : DDick2Cass
Poland: PROG005/006 - Released on Metal Mind Records (Licenced by Dick Bros Record Company)

2 Cassette Promo
UK : No number, just Dick Bros logo

2CD Promo
Europe: DDick2CD-(Promo). Normal edition, with white area and text "promo not for sale"

CD 1 (60:08):
01. Fearless (6:49) [Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright] Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
02. Big Wedge (5:33) [Dick/Simmonds] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
03. Boston Tea Party (4:14) [Harvey/McKenna/Cleminson] Polygram Music Publishing Ltd.
04. Credo (7:29) [Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
05. Family Business (5:43) [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
06. View From The Hill (3:01) [Dick/Gers] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
07. He Knows You Know (2:43) [Dick/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas/Kelly/Jelliman/Minnitt] Charisma Music Publishing Company Ltd.
08. She Chameleon (3:59) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley] Charisma Music Publishing Company Ltd.
09. Kayleigh (4:12) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley] Charisma Music Publishing Company Ltd.
10. White Russian (9:19) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley] Charisma Music Publishing Company Ltd.
11. The Company (7:10) [Dick/Simmonds] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.

CD 2 (54:39)
12. Just Good Friends (8:11) [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
13. Jeepster (3:54) [Bolan] Westminster Music Ltd.
14. Hold Your Head Up (3:08) [Argent/White] Verulam Music Co. Ltd.
15. Lucky (5:04) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
16. Internal Exile (7:33) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
17. Cliché (7:04) [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
18. The Last Straw (7:39) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Trewavas/Mosley] Charisma Music Publishing Company Ltd.
19. Poet's Moon (4:13) [Dick/Simmonds/Boult] Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run (Publishing) Ltd.
20. Five Years (7:58) [Bowie] Charisma Music Ltd./EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

Special thanks to Polydor Records (UK) and EMI Records (UK) for making the release of this recording possible.
The Company of Holland and Mojo.
Mastered at Arnies Shack by: Tony 'Definitive Edition' Arnold, January 1994.
Photo Credits: Connie Moest, Rick Janmaat, Peter Wolters
Booklet Layout: Fish and Dream Disc.
Co-ordination for CD: Robert Ayling

Songs from the Mirror might not be the most popular Fish album, but the tour that followed its release was one of the best Fish ever did. Two of the concerts took place in the Vredenburg venue in Utrecht, Holland. The second night was recorded for a live album.
The setlist contained quite a few suprises. Besides some of the Mirror covers and Fish live favourites it featured some Fish and Marillion material which the big Scot had never performed yet during his solo career. The band was the same as on the album.
The concert opened with a great version of Pink Floyd's Fearless followed by Big Wedge which was nearly ruined by Foss Patterson's dodgy keyboard playing. Fortunately it's not that obvious on the CD. After a powerful Boston Tea Party a splendid version of Credo was played, which for the first time included the Credo ! chant between Fish and the audience. After a standard Family Business the first couple of suprises of the evening followed. View From A Hill was played live for the first time, even though it's only the opening section. The tune goes straight into another suprise; the old Marillion classic He Knows You Know. The medley continued with the less accessible old-timer She Cameleon and a good version of Kayleigh (although most people got pretty fed up with this track being played every time). Another unexpected song was the Clutching at Straws tune White Russian. Thus, all the four Marillion albums got a short visit.
The first CD ends with a nice version of The Company with the audience on vocals part of the time. It had initially been intented to be recorded for the single which never came to be; Five Years. When the audience starts the Dutch concert/soccer chant 'Ole, Ole!' after Fish and the band immediately use the opportunity to improvise on it for a couple of minutes.
After a standard Just Good Friends Fish tells the audience about a new dance he just heard about for which you don't really have to move a limb; the Harold. He proceeds to demonstrate it during the next song, an ass-kicking version of Jeepster, which merges with Hold Your Head Up, which in its turn flows into Lucky.
After good versions of Internal Exile and Cliche, two more suprises followed. First, a Marillion track which unfortuntely as never been played live after the Clutching At Straws Tour; The Last Straw. Second, the B-side from the Internal Exile period which should have been on that album in the first place: Poet's Moon. What amazing tracks!
A wonderful extended Five Years closed the magical night.
This is one of the best live albums by Fish. The performances are great except for a couple of fuck-ups (excuse my French) by Patterson. I've never been a big Patterson fan. He might be a good keyboard player but he's never been able to perform well on quicker, older tracks like Big Wedge and has always turned Incommunicado into a disaster. He'll probably play much better in his own, more jazzy style.
The album contains many 'live rarities' you won't find on other live albums and the enthusiastic audience and fantastic production adds a lot to the atmosphere.
There's one thing I'd like to mention though; although the tracklist of the remastered version is exactly the same as the original the cover claims that it's digitally remastered with bonus tracks !! According to the back catalogue list on the Kettle of Fish CD-Rom it's not remastered either. Is this a stupid mistake or intentional scam? 9- out of 10.
Ed Sander (DPRP), December 2003

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