Outpatients '93

Dick Brothers Record Company, released 6th November 1993

Europe: DDick1CD

Bands & Tracks:
01. Fish - Time and a Word [Anderson/Foster] Topographic Music Ltd
02. Dream Disciples - Mark 13 [Bratley/Lowing/Mckean/Pretice] Copyright Control
03. One Eternal - One Love [McNair] Sony Music
04. Joyriders - Don't Ask Me [Heller/McLeod/Dunsmore/Smith] Copyright Control
05. Fish - The Seeker [Townsend] Fabulous Music Ltd
06. Guaranteed Pure - Swing Your Bag [Wilson] Guaranteed Pure Entertainment
07. Avalon - Travellers Tales [Moss/Parkin] ISA Music Ltd
08. Fish - Out Of My Life [Dick/Boult] Fishy Music Ltd/Copyright Control
09. Joyriders - Best Friend [Heller/McLeod/Dunsmore/Smith] Copyright Control
10. Dream Disciples - Dream Is Dead [Bratley/Lowing/Mckean/Pretice] Copyright Control

Cover artwork by Mark Wilkinson
Steve Howe (guitar) appears on track 01

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