Brother 52

Dick Brothers Record Company, released 28th April 1997

5" CD Single (white)
01. Brother 52 (03:55 - Single Edit) [Dick/Wilson]
02. Brother 52 (03:40 - Stateline Single Edit) [Dick/Wilson]
03. Do Not Walk Outside This Area (06:29 - Non Album Track) [Dick/Wilson]
04. Brother 52 (06:03 - Album Version)
Total Time (14:47)

5" CD Single (black)
01. Brother 52 (03:55 - Single Edit) [Dick/Wilson]
02. Brother 52 (08:45 - Stateline Mix) [Dick/Wilson]
03. Brother 52 (07:05 - 4am Dub Mix) [Dick/Wilson]
Total Time (18:43)

5" CD Promo
USA: (Viceroy/Lightyear) PRCD 3037
01. Brother 52 (03:55 - Single Edit)

12" Picture Disc
01. Brother 52 (08:45 - Stateline Mix) [Dick/Wilson]
02. Brother 52 (06:03 - Album Version) [Dick/Wilson]
03. Brother 52 (07:05 - 4am Dub Mix) [Dick/Wilson]
04. Brother 52 (03:40 - Stateline Single Edit) [Dick/Wilson]
05. Brother 52 (03:55 - Single Edit) [Dick/Wilson]

12" White label promo/sticker cover
01. Brother 52 (08:45 - Stateline Mix) [Dick/Wilson]
02. Brother 52 (07:10 - 4am Dub Mix) [Dick/Wilson]

Brother 52 Produced by Steve Wilson
Engineered by Elliot Ness
Vocals produced by Avril Mackintosh
Mixed by Calum Malcolm
Remixed by Mr Roy on Stateline Edit
All tracks recorded at Millennium Recording Studios
Other Mixes Available on DDICK24CD2

Release May 19th 1997

Antique Tattoo Gun Fishy Concept
Photography David Darling

All tracks published by Fishy Music (p) & (c) 1997 Dick Bros. record company Ltd.

I have to admit, for many years, to never being a big fan of Fish - at least the Fish of Marillion vintage. I went to see him play solo a couple of times, and enjoyed it, but not enough to rush out and buy the back catalogue. Then, a few years back, I was at a Chopper Club run in Scotland when the man himself turned up at the gate and asked if he could have a look around, which he did - in exchange for an impromptu jam session on the Saturday night. Fish then stayed for the weekend and was one of the nicest, most genuine blokes you could ever wish to meet. He made himself a lot of friends that weekend, so when my favourite Scottish photographer, Brian Richmond, rang me up and said "Do you want a copy of Fish's new single?", I said "Yes". Quickly.
Fish's new single Brother 52 (which was released at the end of April) is his first for 2 years, and tells the story of an American fan, Brother 52, a biker, whose many tattoos were soley devoted to artwork from Fish's singles and albums. Like many bikers in America, Brother 52 had a fascination with, and a collection of, guns, which led to an incident at his house in January 1994 where he was shot dead by the Police. Fish says "Brother 52 was somebody I knew, and this whole sad story just wrote itself". The song is not anti or pro firearms, but very obviously telling a story which affected Fish.
What of the song itself? I hear you cry. It's a bit more - for want of a better term - rocky than previous stuff Fish has done, but still with his unique Celtic trademark stamped on it; Fish still has one of the most distinctive voices in rock. As an aside, the video features Fish being tattooed while singing - a very odd thing to do which no doubt is something to do with being Scottish. I think my tattooist would be very scared if I broke in to song halfway through a piece of work.
In a chart dominated by synthetic bands and tuneless twaddle I'm not sure how Brother 52 will do in the commercial sector, but then Fish has nothing to prove against the likes of manufactured boy and grrrl bands who will be forgotton in a month or two's time. I look forward to hearing the Album, Sunsets on Empire, from which Brother 52 is taken. Lovely man, good single, enough said.
AWOL magazine

Well, I found a store that had Brother 52, and bought both singles. That's five different versions of Brother 52 (album version, single, dance long version, dance short version, another dance version), and one "Do Not Walk Outside This Area".
I can't put my finger on it, but it sounds somehow cleaner (musically) than other Fish stuff, and certainly a faster tempo (I don't know how we'll sing along at the shows!)
I think the telephone part in Brother 52 is a MUST. I've heard other bands use a telephone as a bridge between songs (Pink Floyd, the Wall) and an answering machine in the same way (Queensryche, Empire), but can't remember having a phone call take you THROUGH a song like this. At the start of the song is the telephone ringing, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what happens next! It really grabbed me. Also, it's the part of the song that keeps bringing the mind back around to it again and again. Great fiddle. Excellent job!
"Do Not Walk..." is also an incredibly catchy tune, one that really got me hooked from the first listen. Great beat. I really thought my wife would go for this one more than Brother 52 (she's 'Fish Friendly' but currently 'Fish/Marillion Overwhelmed' thanks to me) but she liked Brother 52 from the single version...
Darius Kasinskas

Just bought both the Brother 52 singles, this is definitely Fish back to his very best, much bigger and darker sounding than Fish of recent years.
If you're only buying one CD then I recommend CD1 with Do Not Walk Outside This Area on. Already one of my all time favourite Fish tracks. If this track isn't good enough to make it onto the album then I know SoE will be the best Fish release to date!
Stephen Lord

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