Fortunes Of War

Dick Brothers Record Company, 1st single released 19th September 1994, the other three were released one per following week

5" CD Single
EEC: DDick8CD1 - in 4 tray digipack with dummy discs (card) detailing the other 3 CDs
01. Fortunes Of War (05:05 - Single Edit) [Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
02. Somebody Special (04:46 - Live, Norwich) [Dick/Boult/Paton]
03. State Of Mind (07:15 - Live, London) [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes]
04. Lucky (06:08 - Live, Newport) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
Total Time(23:19)

5" CD Single
EEC: DDick8CD2 - Clear plastic sleeve with sticker
01. Fortunes of War (06:29 - Live, London) [Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
02. Warm Wet Circles (06:04 - Live, Newport) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
03. Jumpsuit City (08:26 - Live, London) [Dick/Boult/Cassidy]
04. The Company (04:12 - Live, London) [Dick/Simmonds]
Total Time (22:37)

5" CD Single
EEC: DDick8CD3 - Clear plastic sleeve with sticker
01. Fortunes of War (06:08 - Acoustic Session June '94) [Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
02. Kayleigh (04:29 - Live, London) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
03. Internal Exile (04:48 - Live, London) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
04. Just Good Friends (06:10 - Acoustic Session July '94) [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds]
Total Time (21:42)

5" CD Single
EEC: DDick8CD4 - Clear plastic sleeve with sticker
01. Fortunes of War (06:25 - Acoustic Session July '94) [Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
02. Sugar Mice (06:58 - Live, London) [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
03. Dear Friend (04:02 - Live, London) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
04. Lady Let It Lie (05:54 - Acoustic Session July '94) [Dick/Paton/Cassidy]
Total Time (23:26)

5" Promo CD
EEC: DDick8CDPromo in digipack
01. Fortunes of War (03:35 - Radio Edit)[Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
02. Fortunes of War (05:05 - Single Edit)[Dick/Cassidy/Boult]
03. Fortunes of War (06:29 - Live, London)[Dick/Cassidy/Boult]

Vocals: FISH
Additional keyboards: JAMES CASSIDY
Drums: DAVID 'Squeaky' STEWART
Keyboards on Fortunes Of War: FOSS PATTERSON
Drums on Fortunes Of War: KEVIN WILKINSON
Saxophone on Fortunes Of War: BILL INNES
Whistles & Flutes on Fortunes Of War: MARK DUFF of Capercaillie, appears courtesy of Survival records.
STUDIO TRACKS Recorded and mixed at The Funny Farm recording studios, nr. Edinburgh, Scotland
Engineered, Produced & Mixed by JAMES CASSIDY, James Cassidy Productions.
7 minute album version of Fortunes of War taken from the current album, Suits, available on Dick Bros. Record Company Ltd. (CD, MC, Picture Disc Vinyl, Double Vinyl Cat no DDick4)
All other tracks recorded live to Multitrack on the acoustic tour '94.
Engineered, produced and mixed by STEVE PEARCE and FISH at the Funny Farm

Art Direction: FIN COSTELLO
Design: SPIN
Photography: FIN COSTELLO/ANDREW CAMERON from a concept by FISH
Coordination & label manager: ROBIN AYLING

Special thank you to David Goddard, the Scottish Poppy Appeal, 105th Regiment Royal Artillery (V), Historic Scotland, Davey Stanley, Colin Chisholm and the staff at Edinburgh Castle for their assistance in making the cover artwork possible.
Also to David & Sally Dodds, Ross Hadden, Rebecca & Rachel Rudji, Christopher Young, Richard Dickson, Katriona Mason, Ashley Voy, Liam Baird, Andrew Stewart, Stuart & Lewis Reynold for acting out their part and being good soldiers and to Yatta (a woman's cough!), Andy Williamson and Stuart Graham for all their work on the acoustic tour.
A donation is being made from proceeds of these recordings to the Scotish Poppy Appeal and the United Nations Children's Fund.
Fortunes Of War, Somebody Special, Jumpsuit City & Lady Let it Lie Published by Fishy Music Ltd./Copyright control
State Of Mind, Lucky, The Company, Internal Exile, Just Good Friends & Dear Friend Published by Fishy Music Ltd./Hit & Run Music Publishing Ltd.
Warm Wet Circles, Kayleigh & Sugar Mice Published by Charisma Music Publishing Ltd.
The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Dick Bros. Record Company Ltd.

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