Roadrunner Records, released 22nd March 1999

5" CD Single
RR 2185-3 (0 16861 21853 9)
01. Incomplete (03:44 - Album Version)
02. Wake Up Call (03:20 - Acoustic Version)
03. Incomplete (03:40 - Demo version)
Total Time (10:42)

I had to write this email now, I just wanted to say that I've just sat down and played "Incomplete" for the first time. It's the most beautiful song I've heard from Fish or Marillion in ... christ, it's better than "Kayleigh", it's maybe even better than "Gentleman's Excuse Me". I haven't bought much music lately, I don't have the money or the interest, there's so much pap out there, but this, this is so moving. The chemistry between Fish and Elizabeth Antwi is so good, the song just seems to play right to your heart strings. My partner sat and listened with me, patiently waiting for it to finish so we could watch a movie, but by the end she was like "Play it again, that's so lovely!". Well done Fish, you've bettered yourself yet again. James Loftus, 9 Apr 1999

Just listened to "Incomplete", and have to say that in my opinion its by far the most accessible, instantly likeable track so far aired. Not that the previous two were in any way sub-standard, but "Incomplete" is definitely more chart-orientated. Whether or not it makes any impact on the UK Top 40 remains to be seen, and if recent Fish (and indeed Marillion) single releases are anything to go by, then its going to be an uphill struggle. At least Onkel now has the backing of the Roadrunner label, which has at least managed to get "Kettle Of Fish" and the remastered solo series into the shops without any visible problems.
Certainly ample supplies were in evidence in London stores. Best of luck Fish!
Fabian Vinet, 16 Feb 1999

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