Just Good Friends

Dick Brothers Record Company, released 14th August 1995

5" CD Single
01. Just Good Friends (03:58 - Single Edit) [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds]
02. Somebody Special (03:59 - Radio Edit) [Dick/Boult/Paton]
03. State Of Mind (06:50 - Album Version) [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
Total Time (14:47)

5" CD Single
01. Just Good Friends (05:46 - Yin Album Version) [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds]
02. Roadhouse Blues (07:14 - live, Grenoble, 9th June '95) [Densmore/Morrison/Krieger/Manzarek]
03. Raw Meat (09:29 - live, Lyon, 10th June '95) [Dick/Paterson]
Total Time (22:29)

Cassette Single
01. Just Good Friends (03:58 - Single Edit) [Dick/Usher/Boult/Simmonds]
02. Somebody Special (03:59 - Radio Edit) [Dick/Boult/Paton]
Total Time (07:57)

Just Good Friends, Somebody Special & State Of Mind re-recorded at Funny Farm Recording Studios, nr. Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland.
Roadhouse Blues recorded live on A-DAT at the Le Summum, Grenoble, 9-JUN-1995. Sound engineer Andy Williamson.
Raw Meat recorded live on A-DAT at the Transbordeur, Lyon, 10-JUN-1995. Sound engineer Andy Williamson.
Engineered, Produced & Mixed by JAMES CASSIDY for James Cassidy Productions.
Engineered by Avril Mackintosh
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Bob Ludwig's Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine.
Label Manager Rob Ayling.
Thanks to Zildjian & Habitat.
Just Good Friends also appears on the Fish album Yin - released 04-SEP-1995
The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Dick Bros. Record company Ltd.

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