Kettle of Fish video

Released December 1998

Video, no catalogue number

01. State Of Mind - directed by Michael Geoghegan 1989 copyright EMI Music UK Ltd (Dick, Simmonds, Boult)
02. Big Wedge - directed by Michael Geoghegan 1990 copyright EMI Music UK Ltd (Dick, Simmonds)
03. A Gentleman's Excuse Me - directed by Julian Doyle 1990 copyright EMI Music UK Ltd (Dick, Simmonds)
04. Internal Exile - directed by Brian Ward, produced by Iain Brown 1991 for Exspensive Pictures (Dick, Simmonds, Boult)
05. Credo - directed by Tony Van Den Ende, produced by Kathy Hood 1991 for QD productions (Dick, Simmonds, Boult, Usher)
06. Hold Your Head Up - directed by David Barnard, produced by Perry Asincomo 1992 for Media Lab Ltd (R. Argent, C. White)
07. Lady Let It Lie - directed by Dave Miller, produced by Ed Booth 1994, (Dick, Cassidy, Paton)
08. Fortunes Of War - directed by Hamish Barbour, produced by Ed Booth 1994 (Dick, Cassidy, Boult)
09. Just Good Friends (with Sam Brown) - directed by Hamish Barbour 1995 (Dick, Simmonds, Boult, Usher)
10. Brother 52 - directed by Steve Flack 1997, produced by Jane Rigby and Jim Leishman, with the co-operation of the students of Dundee University's Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art. (Dick, Wilson)
11. Shortcut to Somewhere (with Tony Banks) - 1996 copyright Hit and Run Music (Banks, Dick)

All copyrights not otherwise mentioned above belong to Derek W Dick 1998
This compilation copyright Derek W Dick 1998
All tracks published by Fishy Music Ltd/Hit and Run Music Publishing Ltd except track 6 published by Verulam Music Co Ltd and track 1 published by Fishy Music Ltd/Hit and Run Music Publishing Ltd/copyright control
Approximate running time: 45 minutes
Cover illustration: Mo Warden
Sleeve design: Mark Wilkinson
"Fluffing by Barney"
For domestic and home viewing only. All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited.

I just received the Kettle of Fish Video Collection Thursday night and had a chance to go through it once so far. Outside of the video on the US edition of Sunsets, I haven't seen any of the videos (in North America? Hah!). Of course I have the double CD of the audio with Fortunes of War & Just Good Friends videos but I haven't checked those out since my (recently purchased) PC (as yet) has no sound card (until next week?).
Obviously, Fish hasn't ever had the backing of any big label (or a label that cares) unlike (for example) Peter Gabriel who can spend hundreds of thousands on a video with the help of Geffen records. So he has to obviously keep the video in a budget. There are a couple (at least) of videos that looked as if they did have some bucks behind it.
It's a bummer that videos have to be chopped up (or massacred) as Fortunes of War, Brother 52, Credo and a few others were really chopped.
Interesting. Hold Your Head Up (and Shortcut to Somewhere) is on the video collection but not on the CD.
I don't expect to see this collection in North America (except for the import places). So if you don't mind spending about 25 dollars (CDN) on a 46 minute video collection, grab it.
Ed Braiter, 18 Dec 1998

Got to watch this the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just wish I had a decent video to do it justice.
The only Fish vids I'd seen previously were those included on the KoF CD rom (both there and from other sources). The other videos are really well produced and great fun to watch.
I'll take another look before I comment further but I think that JGF is still my favourite. It looks as though it was great fun to make. Even if Fish and Sam were nearly killed by the filming helicopter in the process :-)
Andy Westmoreland, 18 Dec 1998

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