Email December 6th 1996

To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: Recanted Voyeur

Dear Freaks
Well I have to come out of the closet sometime. I was feeling a bit guilty watching you struggle away with the script lyrics, so I thought I better come on-line.
I know I am probably descending into anorak hell ! so every now and again I will try and get involved and point you in the right directions. At the moment this message is being typed by the delicate fingers of my trusting assistant but for Xmas Santa is bringing me a computer which I will be able to set up in my office, learn how to use and have interesting discussions with people all over our lovely planet !!!!!!!!
I came across an entry from Steve Mallett of Edmonton Canada on Freaks 1495. He was looking for some of my material and for anyone that is interested all the solo material apart from Internal Exile and SFTM is available on mail order through Dick Bros (I have licenced Vigil back from EMI and this will be repackaged with B sides and released mid 97).
I know some of you have been looking for live videos on NTSC format, well the good news is as of mid Jan 97 Krakow live and acoustic sets will be available on PAL and NTSC. If you check out our website you will find details of all the merchandise, albums etc and information for ordering on the credit card hotline (which is secure).
I will shortly be announcing a competition, the winner of which will be flown from anywhere in the world to a gig of their choice anywhere in the world on the 1997 "Sunsets" tour. This prize is for two people so that the winner can bring a partner or Guardian! They will be able to hang out with the band for a couple of days and all hotel expenses will be covered. Therefore, if you live in Denver and want to see a gig in Dortmund, this could be your chance!
All the details will appear on my website in due course along with sound bites from the Sunsets on Empire album (scheduled for release in May 1997) don't ask on which label as we don't know. The website is currently being reshaped and revamped and is going to take over from the fanzines as the main source of information. The fanclub network will be undergoing restructuring which will entail the basic cost of membership dropping and fanzines available as a merchandise item much like a tour programme. It will still carry all the interviews, reviews and other related articles as well as an assortment of photos in Colour and B&W.
The Fanzine will also be posted on the web pages. Fan club members will receive a bi-monthly news sheet which will contain up to date news and for stop press moments there will be information phone lines to take care of those eventualities. We are still working on the fine detail ! but this should be in place early next year.
Well, that's it for now. Exposed, there will be no hiding place now, I look forward to the response!

All the best,
Take care, stay alive

"... just another alien living on the planet,
in another world, living on the planet
its just one of those days when you know
that somethings gonna happen."
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