Email 15th January 1997

To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: Answers to questions

Hi Guys and Gals,

So here I am once more fellow fish headz. Glad to know you're still all out there. Here's a few matters sorted out.

Q: I would like to know if the weekend career girl in Misplaced Childhood is also the Magdalene? Did the "Heart of Lothian" fall for the prostitute in Paris, then send her a ticket to come and live with him only to be disappointed? Help me out, please. Also, where did you get the inspiration for Black Canal?

A: The weekend career girl was from Scotland. She was a model, all be it part time, and after an all passionate and consuming electric encounter in a bar in Edinburgh her promise of coming down to Aylesbury one weekend - to accompany me to Pete's wedding if I remember right, set me up with a dream. The rest is self explanatory.

The "Magdalene" was in Lyon and if truth be told wasn't a prostitute. That was a compounding of events made under poetic license.

The Black Canal is in Ghent, Belgium. Go there with open nostrils one summer with a history book and experience!

Q: Did Fish ever record a studio version of Faith Healer (by Alex Harvey) that was used as a b-side?

A: Faith Healer only exists as a live version, although I've been sorely tempted to record it. It's a regular in the short set of 2 or 3 numbers I perform with the S.A.S. Band, a jammin unit of known session guys who get together to have fun and party now and again. The other 2 numbers are Lucky and Lavender and ocassionally 5 years. It's organised by Spike Edney, ex keyboards Queen, and typically has John Martyn, drums (yes that one!), Neil Murray, bass, and Jamie Moses, Guitar. Other featured singers on a typical night have included Roger Chapman, Roger Taylor, Paul Rogers, Mark Shaw (Then Jericho), Chris Thomson (Manfred Mann), Judie Tzuke, Kiki Dee, Tony Hadleigh and Haddaway. Next set is at the "Live" 97 Awards on 30th January (venue to be confirmed)

Q: I thought the original plan behind the official bootlegs was to give the fans a CD with a performance of each tour. However, there have not been CD releases of the Outpatient and the Suits tours. Why not? and why release two albums for the Internal Exile and Yin & Yang tours while you skip these two tours.

I know the concert where the Songs from the Company video was taken was also planned for release on CD This never happened, which I consider a real shame because most of the early live versions of the Suits material are superior to the end results on the album.

Also, there are some great tracks on the Fish Head Curry CD but some of the tracks have been seriously mangled, like the intro on Big Wedge, and the backing vocals on Lucky.

A: The Toiling in the Reeperbahn CDs recorded at the Grossefreiheit in Hamburg in 92 covered the early Suits material but it was I admit not near as good a quality as the others in the series. It's now deleted. There were very few tapes available from this tour and the 93 tours.

The video "Songs from the Company" (now deleted) provided the early Suits material but having taken a critical kicking for the 5 official releases that year and having Sushi out already with Suits in place even I felt it was overkill.

The tours between 93 and 95 had only subtle tracklist changes and as far as I'm concerned Krakow provides good coverage.

Regarding the doubles. It was purely because they were very different venues and different approaches and vibes. The 92 tour is now restricted to Crypt Creepers the rest deleted. Fish Head Curry was a special gig and very different from a structured and controlled TV studio environment. I wanted to show both sides and both attitudes. I tried to compensate by making FHC a 5000 numbered limited edition double CD set, thus a collector item rather than just another official bootleg.

Re. the mistakes on FHC. It proves it wasn't mimed! I don't repair the D.A.T. versions, they're as is, goofs as well. Luzern was a really memorable and happening show and I decided that I didn't want to remove the warts and went with the show in it's entirety (apart from the legally required edits on my between song banter. Libel actions are to be avoided! As a numbered double CD of only 5000 the price will probably double in the next couple of years as the career rolls on picking up new officionados in its wake. Like a lot of my material through the years the collectability of these Ltd runs (& FHC is one of the smallest) ensures they become more of an "asset" than an album. I must admit to finding this all a bit sinister!!

I found it rather disturbing recently when a close friend gleefully informed me that he'd sold an uncut garden party picture disc for just over gbp 200.00 There's only (allegedly) 15 in the world, but that's life. (Death is another matter and is very good for increasing asset value of certain artists in your collection). What next album collections registered on the stock market. One step further than David Bowie plc!!!!!

Anyway, that's all for a wee while. I'm off to the Midem convention in Cannes next week. No rest for the wicked or for those who can party comfortably into the night! Please don't send any e-mails before the 23rd if you're looking for any answers to urgent questions. (Please no more "when are you coming" queries - watch the list!) Try and avoid log jams as they take ages to sort out.

There follows the restructuring of the Company Scotland to brief all existing and potential members and finally the competition details. NTSC's of "Krakow" electric and acoustic are now available. E-mail for details if you don't already know.

Anyway, I'll pick up the list and read them when I get back on the 24th. Take care, stay alive.

-- Fish

Time: 12:06
To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: new company membership & competition

Hi Again

Here follows the official notification of the Company restructuring and the competition (now closed)


Dear Company Member,

Having spent a long time deliberating the re-organisation of the Company Scotland, I've decided to make the following changes:-

Basic membership will now cost gbp6.00 UK and gbp8.00 Overseas.

This will provide 6 news-sheets per year on a bi-monthly basis. The news-sheets will consist of 2-3 A4 pages of up to date news on tours, releases and events as well as relevant sections of interviews and articles taken from the "freaks" mailing list and the fanzine.

Membership fee includes all postage and packaging for the news-sheets as well as an autographed photo, key ring, a selection of stickers and a membership identity laminate with photo (to be provided by member). It will also include an extra mailshot at sometime during the year to supplement the bi-monthly news-sheets.

Membership provides discount on merchandise items available from the Company and entrance to special events.

The fanzine (70 pages of articles & interviews including b&w and colour photos) will now be available as a separate subscription for 4 quarterly issues at gbp10.00 for UK members including postage and packaging and gbp12.00 for overseas members.

For non-members the rates are gbp12.00 UK and gbp14.00 Overseas (including postage and packaging).

The fanzines will also be made available separately at gbp3.00 each UK and gbp3.50 Overseas (incl p&p) as well as at certain retail outlets and as part of tour merchandise.

News-sheets will be posted on the "Freaks" mailing list along with regular question/answer sessions. This list can be found by e-mailing: Freaks Mailing List The news-sheets and fanzine will also be available on the web site:

Members who have pc's can be personally e-mailed the news-sheet and will receive the initial package of laminate, keyring etc.

The discount on merchandise and entry to special events is available to MEMBERS ONLY.

The non pc members in the UK also have access to up to date news on the information telephone hotline: 0891 299785, which we are trying to negotiate cheaper rates for in order to minimise expense.

Merchandise is available to fans world-wide by telephoning the credit card hotline: 01620 824111 or by writing to the Company Scotland, PO Box 3, Haddington, East Lothian. EH41 3TA.

This restructuring has been forced upon us by spiralling costs which have continued to rise over the last 4 years since we last raised the membership fees. We are now unable to absorb these losses.

The cost of fanzines and membership (including news-sheets) I considered to be too expensive and off putting to a new potential member who is unaware of the quality of service we provide and for existing members to pay as a one off cost. This new structure allows fans to spread the cost and should circumstances prove awkward they can retain their basic membership and pick up fanzines at a later date thus keeping members within the organisation.

The ultimate aim is to maintain and constantly update a free flow of information and thus providing current news to all interested fans of my music.

This takes away the necessity of sae's and blitz's which are time and energy consuming and satisfy only those who have remembered to send sae's to us.

This new regime will come into operation at the beginning of April when the first news-sheet will be sent out.

As a gesture to existing members and to facilitate the change over all presently paid up members will be sent the bi-monthlies and relevant fanzines until their membership expires, thereafter, they can nominate whether they wish basic membership or basic and fanzine subscription.

Any new enquiries will be sent an application form providing details of the new structure and will be sent their first news-sheet in April with an opportunity to buy the most recent February Issue No 21 as an individual issue or as part of a separate fanzine subscription.

I hope this clarifies the situation, however, any questions can be sent to the Company Scotland at our address.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

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