Email 14th March 1997

To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: The continuation.... and a partial flame!


Do you really think I need to placate the US market with bullshit promises. No one is more disappointed than me at being unable to tour the USA & Canada in recent years and I don't need the let down as yet another "promising sincere individual in the american music industry" fails to deliver. Believe me, it's tougher this end bro!!! Get real, get hard, get a life and get off the list if you don't want any more let downs. I've been trying for the last 3 years to get a deal in the US and have digested more bullshit than a regular human being should be capable of consuming. At this point, I don't appreciate your negative vibes or your bleating. I do my best, what do you do? "No news is good news?" - what are you doing on the list? jerking off in a sea of nostalgia? Hey, sorry man, lost the plot for a minute, a flash of rage in the darkness, I'm ok now. Sorry Ron I mistook you for a dickhead.

THE ALBUM MAY 19th EUROPE - wanna take a bet Ron? USA - I don't know. We're still looking, there too many sceptics and not enough bravehearts. I am disappointed - bitterly disappointed at being unable to get things started - but I have a cunning plan. I've talked at length to Jim Pitulski about the possibilities and so here's the scenario (look away now Ron!!)

I'm carrying too much baggage to interest the majors and the big indies love the idea but don't have the money. We now have offers from 4 indie labels with access to good distribution. We have to work out who promises the best long term deal which must include tour support and guaranteed mutually agreed press and promotion budgets. This would secure shows in November, December 97. The irony is 99% of Americans who have heard the album think it's perfect for the USA, apart that is from the pro's in the business who are too busy looking at the act to listen to the music. This is a common symptom amongst the industry worldwide by the way!

I now have to act quickly as the imminent Japanese and European releases could put off even the indies as the paranoia of imports soaking up all the demand from the US fan base causes the strongest US record exec. to turn into a whimpering fiend. If I sold as many CDs into the US as they think I wouldn't need a US record deal! However, there is a problem so in order to secure a deal from an enthusiastic party we must move speedily to the point of contract and scheduling to make sense of the world curve. This will happen trust me oh fishheads!! Do not listen to the Ron creature! He is a friend but prone to being misled by Doubt.

The single is Bro 52 out on April 28th not 21st as first announced. (don't smirk Ron it's unbecoming). At the request of our recently acquired tv & radio plugging team - Brilliant - yep! that's their name. The single has been put back a week to accommodate extra set up time. It also gives time for the club mixes created by Mr. Roy (Professional Widow - Tori Amos) to try and gain some support from the dancefloor. I'll put sound bytes up on the website late next week.

I think this is more than enough for the moment, so I'll say cheerio for now. Keep those anoraks zipped up nice and tight. It stops the piano wire cutting into your neck - especially when you're sleeping. Sweet Dreams everyone, especially you Ron, I'm thinking of ya.

Uncle Fish

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