Email 18th March 1997

To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: yet more from Fish

Hi Guys, Touchy here! Big hi to Ron!

Flame? That was a mere cigarette burn! You should meet the bear in 3D one time.

Don't be flattered you just stuck your head out over the trench parapet at the wrong time just when I'd zeroed.

I sincerely appreciate that you've bought all the records but it doesn't preclude you from counter criticism. It does go with the territory. The comments were not misguided they were to the point.

> the prospect of a tour becoming less likely.

You have a dark cloud in your silver ball and your rumblings are in danger of distrubing the rest of the heard. You are in no position to determine my motives, understand my reasoning or question my integrity. You don't have the backgroud, the whole picture or the sensibilities to make comment on my US situation, therefore, your bitching is a pain in the ass.

> no news is good news
> I'm on the list to stay updated.
Yes I surely understand you now.

There has never been a definite release date for the US mentioned. It's available May 19th on mail order from the Company. I'm actively searching for a deal together with my Americqan manager, Jim Pitulski (appointed in December 96 as part of the initiative to secure distribution)

Ron I told you not to read the bit about touring but there you go again. On my schedule on the wall in my office there is a proposed itinerary on the calender. It says Japan/USA tour end October/November/December! It also say European tour/full production August/September/October. None of these have dates or venues but the intention is clear. I have never announced dates in the US in a schedule. If I didn't mention the US then people would still continue to ask about US touring (as they do). I can lie and say I never intend to tour and upset people. I can refuse to mention the US and avoid answering and upset people. I can reveal a touring plan with cities and dates and then not turn up and upset people. OK - I can say this is my intention, this is the plan which will be ruled by unfolding events and could therefore be subject to change. Any individual with common sense I would expect to be able to interpret that. I think that information such as this, though vague offers some answers or at least an outline of intention. It's the truth of the situation at this moment in time. I would like to think that it makes people feel a wee bit better or at the very least not upset. Obviously I am completely mistaken. I forgot about the Ron factor. I know you're not a dickhead Ron. You are skeptical and I sense a lot of pain in there. Forgive me for getting you all excited for teasing you for all these years. If it bugs you that much why don't you get on a place and come to Europe or is this all part of some strange S&M rock n roll cult I've never heard of. (But may be interested in joining!) You know Ron you make me feel better after all this. There's nothing releases my pent up anger and frustration more than some potshots or sniper activity after a couple of pints down the Tyneside. I don't hate you. I don't not like you. You posted the wron thing at the wron time and the wron guy in the wron mood saw it. No hard feelings. It is, we are, I know.

I'd never write a song about you calleed "Dickhead". You're right on this one, it'd never get airplay!!! Whoa! whoa! Damn Venezualan keys. If I was ever to write a song about you it'd be considerate. I care for you you know, I doo Ron Ron Ron, I doo Ron Ron.

OK other topics: club mixes. I love raves and I love dancing. Last tour the best burn off after gigs were on the dance floors at the clubs we played in or found after show. I'll put them up on site next week for opinions. It is the way to deliver new converts and introduce people to music they wouldn't otherwise discover or even consider opening their ears to through choice.

Most dancehall vets and clubcrowd types like to go home and delve into a slab of prog or ear cinema. I myself met 5 young lads in a toilet in Cannes while at a rave all whom professed their love of Misplaced Childhood. I should point out that nothing of a sexual nature was involved. I was merely discussing local garden produce with special regard to weeding procedures when I was recognised as not being the "Plod" but rather Poisson or feeesh from Maa-ee-yon a well known Genesis tribute band. These guys were big new young fans and their ideal chill out after a hard nights bacchanalian activity was the MC CD. So there you go. Cast your nets and ye shall find - at least a doobie!!!! Whoa there!!! whoa there.

Just because you listen or like dance/club/tripshop/hip hop/jungle doesn't mean you can't like Fish (or Phish) and vice versa. Remember that Aerosmith gem, - Walk this Way?

Next - Dana Carvey - what a perfect choice. Percussionist it would have to be as Squeeks is my man. But hey, you were visited by the muse for that one. He's a jock after all. This could work dudes.

Ok I'm off to bed. Video shoot tomorrow. Sleep tight my wee AK's.

Love Uncle Fish

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