Email 26th March 1997

To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: Napalm in the Morning ....

Hi guys,

Well, I must say it's all become very interesting reading in recent weeks. The Temperature of the list raised quite a bit as the funeral pyres raged on. I found it really funny just how sensitive some of you are and how you expect me to sit politely and demourly as incorrect assumptions are raised about my integrity and criticisms are levelled on subject matters you could only have a laymans knowledge about.

The finest message I've found on the whole Fish/Ron subject is by Mike H (18/21) in 1691. I am entitled to my opinion and I will not accept being unable to answer for fear of upsetting someone who's decided to have a poke at me on this list. Fish bashing is healthy for me and you and is a lot less likely to see me leaving the list than a situation where I have to crawl through an endless "list of sycophantic postings".

However, if you want to have a go don't expect me to sit quietly in the darkness. If you have a point make it. Make sure you base theories solidly in fact. Opinions are fine by me but I'm allowed these as well. Itchy who was begging for a torching qualified his outburst as his right. Well how about mine guys? Ron had a dig - I dug right back. I didn't ask him to leave the list - a lot of you jumped on that one. I asked him what he was doing on the list. A bit different. Ron has got as much right as me to be here and voice opinions and long may he hang on in there.

I have no misconceptions over the freaks list. I'd be a fool to think everyone loves me out there and that there aren't trolls out there who'll have a go no matter what. Itchy's an obvious example and to send the planes in would have had the wrong effect. I'm not that psycho that I can't recognise a masochist. (Do I put smileys in there after that? Or should I put them in now after that joke?)

Personally I put being called a liar and a thief a lot higher in the insult agenda than dickhead. I have one of these new fangled Scottish keyboards that have special flame points that are linked to my send button and will be used when deemed necessary. I'm not cruel but I'm dangerous when roused and after 16 years in the business taking more criticism from the media than probably any other musician in the industry, some of it downright malicious, I am more prepared than most to defend my corner in a stubborn, aggressive and tenacious manner. I can accept good honest criticism and it's invaluable in getting a perspective sometimes. The club mis thread and c.sativa/sleeve conversations I find really interesting. I take the points on board.

Thanks to many of you who supported me with arguments for the defence and a couple of those were really touching. On others I defer to comment as I don't want to contribute un-necessarily to global warming! Itchy suggested a break away list. I don't see the point and after receiving numerous replies including one from the owner the feeling is that i'll be here for a while. There's enough space for everyone.

I will be back in a moment. As itchy suggested I am taking a break.

-- Fish

(Part 2)

ok before I go lets end on some upbeat shit!

We've started negotiations with an US indie label to license SOE for USA and Canada. Touring is a big part of the equation. More news to be released as the deal firms up.

Touring be kicking off in May after rehearsals with the new 5 piece outfit. Keith More guitars, Dave Stewart drums, Steve Vantsnis bass and a keyboard player tba in the next 2 weeks (I have a choice). Annie McCaig originally intended as backing vocalist has to take a back seat in the first round of touring as tbh should would be a luxury we can't really afford on a clubtour. The second round of European touring occuring later in the year will hopefully have full production and a change of set list which would involve Annie.

Dates confirmed so far are:-

  • Aberdeen, Lemon Tree 26th May
  • Edinburgh, The Venue 27th May
  • Glasgow, The Garage 28th May
  • Dublin, The Olympia 30th May
  • Belfast, The Empire 31st May
  • Sheffield, Leadmill 01 June
  • Newcastle, Riverside 03 June
  • Manhester, Hop & Grape 04 June
  • Liverpool, L2 05 June
  • Wolverhampton, Wulfrun 08 June
  • Portsmouth, Wedgewood 09 June
  • Cambridge Junction 10 June
  • London, Shepherd Bush Empire 12 June
  • Luxembourg Dudelange Fest 14 June
  • Belgium tbc 15 June
  • Paris, tbc 16 June
  • Istanbul or Ankara, Turkey 18 June
  • Ankara or Istanbul, Turkey 19 June
There are a number of festivals in negotiation. You'll hear as soon as they're confirmed. BTW. I'm singing with the SAS band in Bern, Switzerland on 11th April and in Estonia on 17th May. They're both festivals and I'll probably be singing only 2 or 3 numbers as one of many guest vocalist.

Oh and just before I finish, I've got a part in a movie being shot in the middle of the promo trip. It's directed by Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire, Greystoke, Revolution) and shot in the Scottish Highlands. I think it's called "Family of Moss" still tbc. I play the part of a blacksmith! I think I got it because I can supply my own anvil. Being a Dick Bros person (check out the logo, that's my grandad in the middle, his nickname was "Tiger" because of a vicious temper) or a Dickhead depending on whose postings you read the part was made for me. Big heavy set guy throws his weight about in a friendly manner and leads the village curling team to victory in a last chance do or die throw that smashes every stone on the rink to smithereens. My kinda guy!

Right I'm off. Thanks for reading and don't worry I'm not getting possessive. As for the missing letters at the end of words it's nothing of a heavy psychological bent, it's just that I hadn't paid off the keyboard and they were holding back some letters. I don't have the smiley feature yet. By the way, are there keys to denote irony or sarcasm and where can I buy them?


Onkel Fisch

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