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To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: Re: Napalm in the morning contd

Now let's get back to some real content.

The leaves on the cover seem to have riled some of you. You're jumping too far forward with some of your connections which is understandable as you've not had a chance to assimilate all the lyric, music, artwork in one picture yet. A few things though. The sleeve is not celebrating herb. It's not a publicity thing. It's not meant to advocate drug use.

SOE is about how society is undergoing an immense change similar to the Agrarian/industrial revolution. Ironically, the net/information systems and the blinding advancements in technology are the catalysts IMO. With the chaos and confusion that will always be part of major changes society has turned to various sources of refuge, religion (Colour is God, armed defence & violence Bro 52, Jungle Ride), drugs (Perception), sex (Goldfish & Clowns) etc., etc.

It is a fact that drug use worldwide is increasing with it's associate criminal subculture which has become more sophisticated and organised to the point of becoming an integral part of the worlds economy. Investments in the stock exchanges are believed to be of such an amount as to cause instability if removed. The rise of unemployment which is now a recognised permanent reality and it;s attendant depressions, frustrations and inevitability make a huge section of society open to exploitation and some the "escape". This, of course, leads to all the other associate problems including addiction, violence, theft. There is, of course, the spirituality element which can be argued as escape or confrontation. This has been around with the Egyptian, Mayan, Native American and many other respected cultures. Drugs were often used in the boy/man elevation in that they provided the chaos, the vision and the rebirth or ascension to the status of full male tribal member. This chaos to ascension image is another principal agenda of SOE. The entire album contains a number of direct examples. Sunsets, Goldfish and Bro 52 which has the "warrior, lover, magician, king" line. Check out your Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. (Harper Collins - King, Warrior, Magician Lover). I don't want to get into a lecture on all this as it'd take far too long and get very complicated at this stage.

All I will say is don't torch the plants before you've discovered the jungle your standing in.

Question: does Tarantino celebrate or advocate violence in his movies or does he reflect the current attitudes of society.

SOE has a strong movie link because IMO that's where the spread of mass information began and oh how easy it was to manipulate through censorship and image control. History could be reshot to suit - Cowboys Indians anyone? Audi Murphy? the most decorated US soldier in WWII making movies that turned war into a stage set for heroes and undoubtedly turned some of the heads of the 53,000 American soldiers that fell in Vietnam!!

SOE has so many levels and angles that you can follow and peruse to whatever depth and in whatever direction you want. Its a reflection of my eye's mind. My view on the planet from my perspective. I think it's an artistic statement. Not everyone's gonna like it. Some won't even get it. Some will have no intention of listening and prejudging as more of the same.. I stand by the album what's in it and on it. I think it's my best yet. Please don't look at a dirty fingernail and declare the brain diseased. It's a big picture, so stand back from it and take the whole thing in. I'm sure this will all expand as we move on and I fully expect the obligatory kicking on some issues. Square go's are alright by me.

One last question - Was "Apocalypse Now" a pro or anti war movie? "I love the smell of napalm in the morning - it smells like victory".

-- Fish

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