Email 9th May 1997

Time: 15:02
Subject: Fishy Update
To: Freaks Mailing List

Dear Freaky friends,

Well how the hell are you all. Sorry I've been absent for a while but promo duties called and I had to embark on a gruelling schedule that's earned me enough air miles to purchase a small family car! It's ashame there isn't an equivalent for rock and roll touring I'd have my own tour bus by now. OK lets start ,are you sitting down, hold tight. We have signed an agreement with Viceroy records in NYC. to licence SOE. All main deal points are agreed and I have no reason to beleive that the final long form of the contract will present any problems. Viceroy are a well respected "major" Indie label distributed in the USA and Canada by WEA. They are positively overwhelmed by SOE and totally believe in the project envisaging a major hit potential both with the album and the singles. Bro52 is at this moment being presented to radio and MTV and initial reactio is great. Scheduled release is July 8th but this may alter by a week depending on the sell in requirements and set up time. Due to high sensitivity in the USA I've been asked to and agreed to changing the opening lyric for "perception--". WEA have recently cut ties with the Innerscope label due to problems with "content of material" and I made the decision that rather than risk the wrath of a misunderstanding minority and endangering the release through the largest distributors I would alter the opening 3 lines accordingly. "Just another wake up, a hostage of a sunrise, just another paranoid, victimised motherf***er living on the planet." It's not as powerful I know and I'm sure there'll be lots of debate on "artistic integrity" but when I balanced the pros and cons I figured a release outweighed an uncomprimising stance. To their immense credit both my manager Jim Pitulski and Viceroy records said they would support me should I decide to dig in but we all knew the downside. Although the album will be altered the live version will be as originally intended. I personally have yet to meet anyone who's offended by the lyric and that includes a number of people from all "ethnic minorities" mentioned who have heard the track both in the states and in Europe. I hope Lenny Bruce will forgive me!!! The way I look on it is that I've got to get in the door if I'm going to spread the message. "what colour is God?"

With a release now in the pipeline a tour is already being discussed in July/August and September and JP. is as I write talking to a number of interested agents about booking the tour. I don't have any fixed dates yet so please don't e for news, you'll hear as soon as I have confirmations. That applies to everyone out there. Check out the website for existing confirmations and news which btw. is now updated on a regular basis every Thursday. {ok. I finally got the message!!!} Mark Wynne my site guardian was snowed under at work and has now freed up his schedule to deal with the pages and the ever increasing amount of info and news which has been generated by the promo tour. We are getting our act together and anything you can send him re reviews or articles is more than welcome.

The tour plan is as follows--

May/June, UK and various European, Turkey {see website}
28th June Berlin Radio B-Zwei live in concert recording at "Haus des Rundfunks" in front of live audience {1000 cap.} for transmission throughout Germany on all ARD {national radio} stations. This may also include a tv recording. This date should be confirmed next week.
July, Rome 10th, Rimini 11th, Vigevano 12th {2 other dates are in negotiation}
This precedes a more elaborate tour in autumn. I'm waiting for news from Japan on a possible 4 date tour. This depends on album sales and press response which at the moment are favourable. USA {stop drooling!!}
August, USA/ Canada
September, USA/Canada. This time frame will adjust to requirement and demand.
Europe - This will include Holland {7}, Germany {12}, Belgium {4} France {8-10}, Spain {4-5}, Norway {3-4}, Sweden {4-6}, Denmark {4-5}, Finland {1-2}, Baltic States + old Eastern block {4-6}, Poland {7-9}, Czechland {1-2}, Austria {2-4}, Switzerland {3-5}, Italy {3-5}, Portugal {1-2}, Luxembourg {1}.

Obviously this takes us into October, November, December and possibly January unless I can develop some weird space time continuum effect. All numbers in brackets are proposed amount of gigs and should not be taken as confirmed. It's a plan so don't get all upset if you're country gets a few less gigs! I will be there! Nigel Hassler my European agent is well on the case and from previous experience you know he delivers!!!
January, possible USA/South East Asia
February, as above
March/April, South America including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuala. This is for real btw. and we have contact in the territories.

More to follow {hi Itchy!}

Time: 17:40
To: Freaks Mailing List
Subject: More Fishy Info

Hi again from a very embarrassed Jock whose ass is feeling rather warm at the moment. I am really sorry but I'm still trying to come to terms with this new set up and this powernet system can be a bitch when your'e someone like me who's just come to terms with the wheel. Ok crawling back into the list {s**t! what a comeback! the Maradonna of the Freaks list} Bro52 came out as scheduled and as per normal British National and English independent commercial radio stations gave as much support as you'd expect a Ronnie Biggs rendition of the theme tune to "Thomas the tank engine" {in fact that would have got more airplay!!} It died at no. 95 even with a strong play listing in Scotland. Q magazine roasted the album allocating their head axeman to review/slay it! I don't see the point of giving an album to a guy to review who has absolutely no interest in the genre and who is purely intent on slagging it off before he's even heard the content. Ah well such is life as an independent when you deal with glossy corporate Big time UK magazzines. Funny thing is in the June issue there's an ad. taken by HMV stores recommending SOE as 1 of the 6 best lp.s of the month! Q were going to make an interview with me on the film set of "world of moss" but when the movie part didn't happen they pulled out. I was contracted to work on specific days during the promo tour but a problem arose with the set design the dates changed and conflicted with the SOE promo schedule. I reluctantly had to pull out from a film with the finest script I've ever come across and the chance to work with Malcolm McDowell(?) and Colin Firth under the direction of Hugh Hudson. It would have been my first real big time movie. I was gutted as was Hugh who really wanted me to play the part of the curling (as in the ice sport not the hairdressing tecnique) blacksmith! I had to really control myself after the "review" it was a tough one to take at such an early stage in the promo campaign and from such a sadly influential mag. I'm sure that karma will prevail and that the hack that wrote the piece will one day find himself face to face with me in a lonely toilet at some party or other when one or the two of us has had too much to drink! I always find it uncanny how less brave these b******s get when they're faced with a "head to head" situation rather than spitting venom from behind a distant keyboard. I've always believed that if you're going to slag someone off be prepared to do it in their presence. Enough of this bitching and back on the positive curve!

The band are working out brilliantly and I feel really confident about the tour. I just wish I had more time with them and less interviews to take care off (Poland today came in with a request for 30 next week alone!!!) Other brief news: The ltd. edition has been put back 2 weeks due to a problem with manufacturing. The suppliers delivered a faulty batch of sleeves to our cd manufacturers Sony DADC in Vienna and production has been halted while the sleeves are replaced. This is out of our control and we are currently sorting out the problem. This ltd edition is only available in Europe however we will be making this available on mail order through the fan club/web site for fans outside Europe. The Bro52 singles, including picture discs, featuring "Do not walk outside this area", the bonus track on the Japanese release, will also be available on mail order. A full list of prices will be posted here on the list and on the web site in the middle of next week. I know many of you are desparate to get SOE in the USA but I'd ask you to hold of and support the Viceroy release when it's available there. I think thats all just now. Once again sorry about being away so long and then coming back in such a w***y fashion. Before I go thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings and for all the messages of support and comments for SOE, thanks also for getting the VH1 plays (hello Portugal) and for all the "e's". I'm sorry I can't answer all of you but I do read all. Time is a rare commodity here at the moment and my hoof-like attempts at typing don't lend themselves to quickfire answers and dashing keyboard salvoes (this took me 3 days including typing out the last message 4 times!!!!!) So I'm off. I look forward to your return fire, friendly or otherwise! Take care, stay alive, keep warm.

Uncle Fish

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