Email 12th May 1997

Subject: A Fishy Reply
To: Freaks Mailing List

Hi freaky friends and fiends Uncle Fish here at the new personal address noted by some of you and seen as a possible bogus mailer sending horrific lies onto the list! It was me! The "sell out kid" hostage in my own home to some terribly awful suits from a major record company who've forced me to abandon my integrity and form a brand new bunch of manufactured misfits to appeal to a male lager lout audience. The "curry boys" have bought my soul (on licence!!) and I feel I can no longer contribute to the beloved list. Having already divulged my faithlessness at an early stage by substituting the word "BATTLEPRIEST" in a marillo fav. in order to cow down to the tv. + radio Gods how can I be forgiven? The members of the Prog Fundamentalist church are right. I am a sinner and should be cast down among others of my ilk.

Lets get to the point. Deal or no deal? USA release or no US release? Tour or no tour? What is it with me names ending in "on" seem to provide so much hassle and/or entertainment value? Don. How the hell are you out in bizarro world? I don't know whether your'e a septic as in yank, or a kraut as in sauer. But I'm Interested. It ain't a nip name for sure!!

If your hackles and sense of disgust raised a little on reading the above then you've got the drift. There are som people in the world that will be offended by pojp. Most reside in the USA which as most of you I'm sure will know has a particularly sensetivity to articles of a racial nature. I know what pojp is about but thats not the point. The word can inflame when taken out of context (see above) and to lose the chance of a deal there for the sake of less than 10 words would be an act of idealistic suicide (see EMI litigation notes circa 1990). WCIgod I think puts my case on racism on line and that is a far more important message to get across rather than whether I use racial derogatory slang at the beginning of the record. I know what I'd rather do and I stand by my decision conscience salved. I'd also like to point out that Lenny Bruce died a broken man obsessed by his legal actions which soaked up all his artistic energies including the integrity bit. Not many people remember Lenny now! Angle the sword and learn when to attack and when to withdraw. I learned my lesson. If I've let some of you down and you feel cheated and hurt by this action then I can only hope that when you wake up in the real world that the pain isn't to bad!!!

OK!! Itchy my man!All co.'s were given a choice of fanzine or no fanzine, no pressures. CO. Holl, Germany, Scand., France went with it the others with small memberships went for newssheets. It works and all seem happy with the new arrangement. I have never asked for or insisted on, or want editorial control. The co.'s are independent and are only supplied with info from co.Sco. The website and list info is starting to come together and I feel starting to deliver as promised. Don't criticise Mark W. for non attendance at duties without knowing his full personal situation or you will become acutely embarrased at your whining about the updates. I suggest you mail him privately .

Finally, Bro52 is getting good airplay in europe and especially in Holland and Germany. It's just outside the top40 in netherlands!!! (Thats the same country as Holland btw.) It seems the only country with a problem is the UK! I stand behind the choice guns blazing!! Now they know I'm back with a different vibe they'll pay a wee bit more attention to "change of heart" due out beginning of July. A sacrificial move that could have come off in the UK but didn't. Tough titties!!

"just another wake up, a hostage of a sunrise, just another petrified, ashen faced motherf***er living on the planet"

PS. You're right I've tried not drinking while typing and it's easier using hands. I'm working on a straw arrangement to free the other one up!!!

Tschuss!!! Onkel Fish

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