Email 5th February 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - gigs, albums, news from the eye of the storm!!!!!

Dear Freakers!
I'm still here but even I wonder how sometimes! Let's do "good news, bad news"
Good news - First gigs of 98 are coming in starting with a 25 minute set in Edinburgh at the Ross bandstand in Princess St Gardens on Sunday 19th April (anyone remember the raingod's last visit!!!). This is a charity concert for Nordoff-Robbins and will be broadcast live on radio Forth 97.3fm between 7 and 9 pm. It's part of the opening party for the new "Hard Rock Cafe" in Edinburgh. The whole band will be there and we'll be playing an electric set as yet undetermined!!

Friday 3rd July we have been offered an open air in Tuk, near Heerenveen in northern Holland as part of the 10th anniversary of the Dicky Woodstock festival (honest guys, even I thought it was a windup!!!). I will be one of the headliners so it'll be a full set.

September 5th we will be returning to Malta for another outdoor extravaganza in the amphitheatre and a chance for a wee holiday!!!

More are expected as the weeks roll by and negotiations are underway for a number of other European shows, all open airs.
If anyone knows of festivals in their towns this summer drop me an e and I'll see what we can do!
Before anyone Stateside suggests anything please be aware that we have to fly in personnel and equipment etc. so barbecues are out!!!!
I'm still waiting on news on the World Cup shows around the Scottish games (3 only !!??) but should there be free tickets and a handsome fee with substantial amounts of wine, I'll be there. There is a slight chance I may be asked to sing the Scottish anthem at one of the games!!!! It's a chance, a slim one, but just think how our Brazilian friends will react to one of their favourite singers being on the pitch on world-wide TV before the biggest game in history and before their first defeat in the tournament!!! (OK, some of you dream about gigs in your back gardens, I dream about Scotland's World Cup chances!! BTW. Jamaica????) I live in hope!
I've also been asked to perform at a huge benefit concert at Wembley Stadium, London on August 15th as part of a name bill. I can't go into details as I don't have that much to go on but I do know this is of Live Aid proportions and world-wide TV is part of the equation. I'm too long in the tooth to mark this down as definitely on as there have been many times in the past where events like this never get off the drawing board. I keep my fingers crossed as if this comes off then a lot of people are going to find out what I've been doing all these years!!!!

So that's the good news!!

The bad is that the repercussions from the disasters of last year are taking their toll.
The studio and my home are now on the market. I have now no further option but to sell Millennium and use the proceeds to reduce my exposure at the bank and finance a family home in East Lothian.
The "Raingods.." project is being put back and I don't expect to enter the studio until June. The intended release will stay the same. I have to find the finances to pay for the album which even with the studio in hand is more than I can presently afford. Contemplating writing is difficult as business considerations are wiping creative mind space. The live album will be delayed as we seek permission to finance production and the Dick Bros. re-masters are on hold. At the moment we are totally dependant on merchandise sales as we await payment from various co's including Viceroy records.
I've always been reticent about tour funds etc. but if you want to help out and have been deliberating about whether or not to buy an item then now's your chance to come forward!
We only have 100 each of the NTSC Krakow electric and acoustic videos left and there are no plans to re-run in the near future. As an incentive to clear the stock we're offering 2 free singles with an order for either title (4 singles with both!!). At the moment we only have NTSC available! Prices are 18 pounds Electric and 15 Acoustic including post and packaging. Singles available are Bro 52 (1+2), Just good Friends (1+2), Lady Let it Lie and Change of Heart. Please specify with your order as to which ones you want.
I'll go through the stock in the next few days and get back to you with some other offers as well as get the t-shirt/memorabilia details on line!!

Ironically, Bill "McKnees" our fan club rep. damaged his knee ligaments at football the other day and couldn't make the interview we planned for the February mailshot. I've offered him my support - the purple Velcro no. I wore in France!! I await his reply.

So that's it for the moment. Sometimes I lie awake at night listening to the choppers and jets low-flying over the house as the Gulf situation deteriorates. It's always a sign. When the night-flying increases you know someone out there on the planet is due for a mortality reminder!! It brings me back to earth! Materialism, the obsession of the Western World sometimes seems so inconsequential!!
Sleep tight, at least the fliers are "ours", whoever we may be!!!
All the best
Onkel Fish

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