Email 9th February 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - merchandise offers - the lean years contd.

Dear freakers,
I'm still here!! Nothing has really changed; I didn't win the lottery on Saturday and a chill of panic went through me when it was announced that there's an unclaimed jackpot winner in East Lothian from Christmas Eve's draw!! I always check at least 3 times but you still shudder at the contemplation of having binned the relevant ticket and reading the one from the week before!!!!! I hope the winner drinks in the Tyneside!
I'm still waiting on the OK from the bank to go ahead with the live album which will mostly consist of the Koln concert + bits and bobs from others!
Jez and I were talking about the stock we still have and how to move it! We came up with a few ideas.
Some of you mentioned that freebies with the videos were unfair on fans who bought early. I understand the feeling but in my defence the same argument applies to mid-pricing on albums and remasters available at full price weeks after you bought the original at cut price!! Sorry guys!
To placate we've decided to throw in freebies with any orders until stock is cleared! Don't ask for anything unless it's a specific offer! Trust me to deal with it!

Some of you asked about cassettes. SOE was available in Europe but Viceroy decided not to go with a US version!
As one of the deals I want to offer the YIN,YANG, SUITS and SUNSETS ON EMPIRE cassettes for 20 pounds including postage.
The YIN/YANG boxed set including lyric booklet and interview CD will now be 20 pounds inc. p&p instead of 28!!This will be deleted when stocks run out.
Free singles will be sent with orders either on MC or CD form and any order over 20 pounds will get a free toile tour/Haddington bear T-shirt!!
Don't worry if you've just sent in an order (Hi Jon!!) for a toile shirt. You'll get 2 back!!!! Influence a friend!!!

In short I need to clear the stock room and at the same time re-capitalise! If you've been hanging off then now's the time to come forward. If you feel rich and generous buy a present for a friend!!!!! Any help you can give is more than appreciated!!!
Once all the Dick Bros stock is cleared it's highly unlikely to be repressed as the label will be absorbed by another company. I intend to license material out and cut all the overheads and workload generated by the current system of operating. It's all up in the air at the moment and I'm not really sure how it's going to fall.

Perhaps as some of you suggested I should have taken up the tour fund offer and in retrospect some of my current problems wouldn't have been as severe!! It's easy to look back on "ifs and maybes" but for now I've got a lot to sort out.

Good news !! I had my tarot read by my good friend Merlin who visited at the weekend!! It's all going to work out in the long term with a career in movies providing a lot of success!! At least that cheered me up!!!
Anyway 5 a side football tonight and tomorrow with 2 games of squash later on this week!! I might as well get fit and burn up some of those calories that have been gathering since the tour ended!!!
See you soon sportsfans!!!!!!

Onkel Fish

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