Email 19th February 1998


The following articles will be available for sale from March 30th when we will be opening any bids received before that date. As some of the articles are very rare and more desirable than others and to give fans worldwide time to reply who don't have the advantage of e-mail we've decided to use a bidding system. You can send bids by e-mail to me; by fax to 0044 (UK) 1620826144 or by normal post to - The Company Scotland, PO BOX 3, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, EH41 3TA.

The fax line and postal address are both secure to send credit card details as is the credit card hotline 0044 (UK) 1620824111. Normal advice is given to E-mail users that we cannot ensure security on details sent by electronic mail.

All bids must be accompanied by appropriate funds which will not be cashed or presented unless your bid is successful. Please ensure you have adequate funds to cover your bids to avoid any confusion remembering there will be a delay between response and presentation.

When responding please outline your bids clearly using the catalogue numbers provided.
Include your home address, your telephone number (home and work if applicable), your e-mail address (if applicable) and any second choices which should be marked as such. This will ensure that should you be successful with your first choice bids your second will be disregarded in order to avoid overspending. It may be a good idea to give us instructions on maximum limits if you decide to use credit cards.

As an ordering example-

First choice MRB 64 bid 15 pounds sterling
First choice MRB23 bid 45 pounds sterling
Second choice MRB 5 bid 15 pounds sterling Credit card limit 60 pounds

Bids23 and 5 successful - c/card deducted 60 pounds
Bid 64 successful- c/card deducted 15 pounds
All bids successful - c/card deducted 60 pounds items 64 and 23 sent.
No bids successful , no deduction.

Cheques (UK only) or International money orders should be made out for individual choices and only cheques referring to successful bids will be banked with the others destroyed.
All cheques should be made out to "Dick Bros Record Company Ltd."

Eg. In the scenario above 3 cheques should be sent, each marked with the catalogue number of the order it pertains to as well as your name and address.

ALL PAYMENTS AND BIDS SHOULD BE MADE IN POUNDS STERLING AND SHOULD INCLUDE AN ALLOWANCE FOR POST AND PACKAGING. (With expensive items you should consider a courier service to ensure delivery! )

Once the bids have been opened on March 30th, a list will be compiled with all catalogue numbers and the top bids received. No names will be given. This list will then be posted on the Internet site, the Freaks list and posted out to all fans who have offered bids. A further 4 weeks will be allowed for anyone to adjust a bid if necessary and the final results will be announced on April 30th. Should you wish to change your bid you should contact us by the methods outlined above changing your credit card maximum limits or issuing new cheques while notifying us to cancel your previous offer. Please make your instructions clear when ordering or changing your bids and try and type or write clearly so as not to cause any confusion.

All items will have a reserve price which if not achieved will result in those articles being held on the merchandise list until a suitable bid is received.

In order to be fair to all applicants we can't enter into any discussion on what bids are received.


(A long list of items has been removed from this message as they are no longer available and to reduce the size of this page)

That's the end of the memorabilia collection as far as the Marillion section and principal Fish items is concerned. I still have a number of solo shirts and specials etc and these will be put out in a couple of months. The artwork will be catalogued in a separate list. Good Luck with your bids and thanks for providing me with all your support. Take care, stay alive - FISH

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