Email 20th February 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - SAS gig, Quake and other Aliens!!

Hi freaky weekend types!!! It's great innit!! Weekend, no hassles on the phones, the Suits all hide like trolls under a bridge for a few days and nothing really matters!
For me I can get on with what I'm good at - gigging!! Yes friends I'm off to a gig!! For anyone around it's an SAS show (apt for this weekend - more Koffi anyone?) and the venue is the Lord Mayor Treloar College lower School, Upper Froyle, on the A331 near Alton in Hants. Tickets are 15 pounds and it's a charity do for an old roadie friend of the bands who was tragically killed in a bike accident last year. Some special friends are coming down including Tony Hadleigh, Chris Thompson, Mark Shaw, Roger Taylor who are all part of the "Cats Choir" with Musos John Martyr, Neil Murray and the normal shower led by the keyboard maestro in his own inimitable fashion, the wonderful organiser and main SAS man himself, Mr Spike Edney! If you can make it it's worth the entrance of 15 pounds! (For many reasons!!:)) The Gig's on Sunday 22 BTW!!! I'm performing "Faithhealer", "Lucky" and "Lavender"
Other news-I will be working with Ayreon a Dutch musician, and a very talented one at that, on his new album "Tales From The Electric Castle" I'll be singing on 3 tracks, recording here at the Farm April 18/19. It's my first session work since Geoff Wayne's Spartacus and let's hope it receives more coverage than that "Epic" got!!!:)
The memorabilia list is now up on Mo's site Torch Song and will be on the Wilderness of Mirrors in the next few days. I hope it's all clear to everyone how the thing works!!!
Thanks to everyone who's been buying Merch. recently. You don't know what it means just now! It does more than help! I have been impressed and touched by the reaction to the studio sale!! I got a lot of coverage in the last few days; front page of the property section of the Scotsman, a huge and respected Paper ; coverage in the Evening News (Edinburgh),the Daily Record (Huge Daily), The Daily Express (Huge Daily!) and on the Scottish TV news programme!!! If only the album had had the same coverage!!!!! :) I hope the thing sells on the back of all this!! Your idea is wonderful but I think unfeasible! The studio will make, I think this year 75-100 thousand pounds PROFIT!! As a business it makes sense but the set up of a deal with 1500 owners aaargggghhhh! The friction from the hands of hundreds of lawyers would be enough to heat a small city in Canada!! :) You're beautiful for thinking about this but I have to put up a stop sign!!
Honestly if you want to help buy merchandise and sell it on, go for memorabilia, anything apart from become a studio owner!! I thought about a similar co-operative with Scottish bands a while back but the arguments about who gets what studio time, when and how much etc put me off!! I'm sure there's a sugar daddy out there somewhere!!!:)
I've never signed bands to the label ( Since the Dream Disciples!!!:( ) because as a musician I want to deliver a service _I_ would want from a label. I've still got a reputation and that you cannot buy, you earn!! It's a lot of work and easy to lose in one bad decision normally associated with financial desperation. I'm not that desperate and I hope never will be. It'll take more than money to provoke that choice!!! I cannot put hand on heart and endorse your valiant attempt because it's doomed to failure no matter how good the intentions! I'll find a buyer and if not then I accept the consequences!!
If you have 850 dollars then go for something tangible, something that will give you more than a memory. Go for the Grendel Mask and party on down in your local bars!! That will make me smile as well!!! Just take photos!! You'll help me more with that and we can all still be friends!
Business is business and my Dad always told me never employ friends!!! The studio is business and will take care to some extent itself!! Don't worry!! I do the worrying, I'm good at it, and used to it! :)
I have only lost a battle but the war can still be won!! For those of you with a wee bit of historical knowledge there was a character a long time ago who after a desperately losing a series of battles, retired to a cave and learned from a spider!!!!!!!!!! :) :) (I wrote a lyric about it once!)
Finally before my wife goes crazy (she's been waiting on me for 3 hours while I finish my e's!!) there must be someone out there who has traversed Quake2!! I love this game like a bastard but am completely stuck in one section!! How do I get the Tank Commanders head!!! I can't find a way to break down the force fields around the doors, the jump to the buttons on the wall across the lava field is too far and I desperately need to gun some more Aliens down to satiate my stress levels!!!! What do I do guys and gals!? E me private and we can talk Q2!! The Stroggos have got to be stopped!!!!!!
Sleep sound and safe for tomorrow's another world war!
Onkel Fish
Ps. The other day a Chinook(!) chopper flew about 60 feet over our house and I could clearly see the SFOR markings. It brought the scene into view-BIGTIME!! Where do we go from here!?!?!?!?!? :(

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