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Subject: Re: Fish 98 - here's an idea that MAY actually have merit...

Lysa Whitt wrote:
> I've been reading suggestions re: Fish...from buying his house to
> collectively buying a piece of his history and returning it to him.
> What would be the best thing to collectively bid on?
> So, I thought: what is it of all in the world that Derek loves best?
> I can't speak for him, but I've a strong inkling that it's his beloved
> Tara.
> When I read his list of items, all I could think of was her. One day,
> her dad and mum won't be with her anymore. Things and memories will
> be all she'll have left.
> (I know this is depressing, but I *do* actually have a point...bear
> with me...)
> What's the one thing on that list that connects to both Derek and
> Tammy, and is ideal for a little girl who will one day be a young lady?
> Tammy's wedding dress.
> I suggest we bid at that and give it to Tara. Maybe one day, she can
> wear her mother's wedding dress for her own wedding.(...I mean, should
> there *be* a young man with the nerve to ask Onkel for his only
> daughter's hand!)
> Sappy, I know. But I think it'd be terribly sweet.
> It's family business...and we should keep it in the family, methinks.
> Lys

Dear Lys and freaky friends!!!
It's a beautiful, touching and romantic idea, but - and it's a big but - Tara currently stands at 4'2"!!!!!!!:)
She's only 7 and destined for great heights!!!:) Currently wearing clothes normally designed for 10 year olds - I honestly think that unless she gets married in the next 2 years there is no way a diminutive small size 10 is going to fit her!!!!!!!:)
Tosh called it right!

This Memorabilia thing is confusing some people!! I don't, believe it or not, wear many Marillion items these days!!:) I don't have a desire to wake up and put on an '83 sweatshirt of a morning! These items have been curled up under the stairs for quite a while and the chances of me doing something with them are rare indeed!! I once thought of turning the Grendel helmet into a rather nice window box/plant holder!!:)
I've already got the memories and stuff hanging around or under the stairs be it there or not doesn't matter! I can see Motti's point about whether it's right that something should be cherished by one fan in his house means as much!! Yeah! It's the same as now!!
The farm isn't exactly like one of those religious shrines where you can visit to touch the icon! If people started turning up to wear the helmet I'd be very worried and probably armed!!:)

I'm trying to raise as much money as possible to fill the hole left by the tour losses and other let downs last year! I'm making use of things that probably would mean more to a fan than they do to me! I'd rather someone get a kick out of wearing an '85 T-shirt down a pub or to a gig than it sit there in a dark hole!!
Same goes for the jackets. I don't wear these things anymore. I'd rather them benefit me in a way that helps me with the present difficulties i.e. raising funds!
I'll now suggest a compromise.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has been talking about an exhibition focused on Progressive rock. I've already given them a kilt as some of you know! Jon Epstein has a very good series of contacts there!
If you're adamant about buying as a list some of the more unusual or individual items why not give them on loan or present them to the Hall as a donation.
The R&R Hall of Fame doesn't buy articles, it exists on donations! If you bought these as list-owned articles you could present them to the Hall for safe keeping and so the Majority of fans could still have a chance to see them!
There's a double edge to this !!
If you presented them to the Hall you could probably "cajole" them into setting up an exhibition, perhaps on a permanent basis in one of the upstairs display cases.
This would not only create an awareness of both Marillion and Fish but also create an awareness of the List and it's Freaks and the dedication of the fans!!
Thus Freaks and civilians can see the items when they want! Non USA freakers should put the Hall on a touring agenda as the exhibitions are mind-blowing and any fan of music should go there at least once in their lives!!!
It's an idea, think about it!

Forget the studio. This is a more constructive venture. If some of you want to get involved with large sums then why not get together and examine the artwork. The prices are expensive (creation costs were high) and unlikely to be attainable to most individuals. Some of these pieces I'll be sad to see go but even I would enjoy the thought of more people being able to admire the originals!
I don't want charity but I have to be realistic. I want to sell this stuff. I don't want the T-shirts back! I don't want the tour jackets hanging in the wardrobe! We intend to move to a smaller house and a box room full of costumes with staring eyes makes Tammi and I shudder!!!
My special memorabilia will be kept here!!
Not many people know that I stole the Beer Tap display from the Marquee!!!!:) Now THAT's special to me!!:)

Thanks to all concerned with my Quake prowess and those (Hi DON!!!:)) offering battle on the net!!!:)
I am now in the Palace and gunning them down!!!!

Re the gig in Alton! There was some confusion about the presence of certain gentlemen!! H has performed with the SAS guys before and \Spike had asked him down! I've been talking to Mark K. and we discussed meeting up for a pint and a natter. I left it too late to confirm details , meanwhile his girlfriend had bought tickets for another gig the same day, cue missed opportunity for mayhem!!:)
H was up in Yorkshire so he to was tied up!
It was a shame but I managed to have a lot of "fun" anyway! I performed "Faithhealer", "Lavender" and "Lucky" in that order and closed the first set down. The gig was over 3 hours long. The band was John Martyr-drums (ex-Marillion!!!), Spike Edney - keyboards (ex-Queen) , Keith Airey - Bass (top session guy), Jamie Moses and Laurie Wisefield - Guitars (top session guy and ex-Wishbone Ash respectively). Singers were Tony Hadleigh (Spandau Ballet), Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Mark Shaw (Then Jericho), Karl Wayne (The Move), Paul Young (Mike and the Mechanics), Suzie and Zoe from Fabba (Abba Tribute band and top female session singers!) and Roger Taylor (Queen) who turned up to support the night and sing Zep's "Rock and Roll". It was a great night and raised 10k pounds for our sadly missed friend Del's family.
It was a spectacular wake and yours truly even helped with the loadout and embarrassed the local crew who were wondering who the pissed up 2m jock was that was having a go at the snail pace of the stacking in the back of the truck!!!!:) I was very, very, very drunk at the time!!:)
It was great to get some shit out of my system!!

Finally, I've been talking a lot to Mark Wynne about the web site. We all know that Mark's had problems finding time from his heavy workload at the University to maintain the site and keep it up to date. His family life has become more demanding and he's just found out that the Uni are concerned about the bandwidth that we are using and more importantly intend to use in the future. John Moores University have been outstanding in allowing me the opportunity to use their facilities in recent years and without their support I don't think I would have ever discovered the List. I would like to publicly thank both Liverpool John Moores and also Mark and Julie Wynne who introduced me to the Net and have patiently and enthusiastically aided my career in all these long years. Thanks for the endless typing, organising, car journeys and phone calls that drift into the night as once again they explained the mysteries of web work and HTML files!!!:)
They did this for no reward and dedicated enormous chunks of family time and hours of rare otherwise recreational escapes to creating what most of you will agree with me is an incredible and informative site.
The site will exist as a relay station to the new site which I know will be equally as outstanding and has drawn admiration already from many of you who've visited (including myself)
Mo Warden will now become keeper of the Flame at her site "Torch Song". Mark is going to be helping sometimes but first of all the existing information from the "Vigil.." site will be transferred onto "Torch Song" thus creating a "Super Site" as an amalgamation of the two!! Both Mo and I are very excited about the site which will be kept up to date and expanded upon at a far more regular basis than we've been able to do in recent months due to Mark and Julie's work and family commitments.
I'm sure both Mark and Julie will be posting to explain further but at this time I just publicly want to say thanks for all your hard work and that it's been more than appreciated!

To all you freaks out there thanks for all the e's and for continuing to support the merchandise which is helping us keep things together just now!!! Tammi says a big hullo and has asked that if you order on the credit card phoneline that you talk slowly and clearly and save her rewinding through the night trying to pick up American accents from the tape!! It's ruining our sex life!!!!:)
Watch what you're doing out there, it's dangerous!!

All the best Onkel Fish

Ps. Thanks also for your bids. It's actually quite exciting as it comes together! You'll be surprised at what some of the targets are!!

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