Email 2nd March 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Q mag!

Hi Guys!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

In recent months I've talked twice to Q's editor Phil Sutcliffe regarding articles. The first was the Genesis/Marillion soundalike piece and the other was the article on the Net. We spoke at length on a number of issues including the lack of Fish content. I've not had a piece in their mag since '87 apart from album reviews none of which have been complimentary. SOE was given to a guy who was infamous for slagging of artists and was dutifully nailed to the door. I was given a live review in '90 I seem to recall but apart from that nothing. Phil said he'd look into perhaps doing something but he even avoided reviewing Vigil after asking for a copy. I've always been disappointed at their attitude towards me.Their acceptance of SL's letter rather than declining in favour of a more positive article just increased my suspicion that Q have no interest in my music or career apart from helping out on retro pieces or views on non-related Fish articles. I've learned to accept that Q are a lost cause and have really given up any thought of decent coverage in their glossy magazine apart from the odd knifing or anecdote.
I thought they could at least have balanced out the article by including some of our more glorious ripostes! :)

I suppose the old saying that any press is good press applies and probably some people out there will get the magnifying glass out and trace the URL from the impressive colour insert. So thanks Simon if you're out there for that you've probably turned on some more fans for me!!:)
I must say I'm impressed at his ability to nurse a grudge.The boy must have Scottish blood in him. Remember Culloden! :)
Put this well-known phrase in order-
foot, bugger me, shot, I've, myself, just, the, in! ( Heh, Heh, Heh...)

Good news is on the horizon. I can smell the napalm. I passed my first audition and have been hired as an actor dahhlings!
Edging in as is the plan I've got a role in 'The Bill' a highly rated and viewed Granada TV police series. Now sit down cos you'll hurt yourself when you read the next bit..

I play a Gay security firm owner who hires other gay guys out as bouncers/doormen to clubs including one which hosts skinhead gigs. I become caught up after a boy is a victim of male rape! I shit thee not!:)
So there the trip to London on Friday was worth it.
The door opens .

Watch this space..

read you soon freakers!
Love Onkel Fish

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