Email 11th March 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Absence of leave!

Dear freaky friends,
Just a quick note to tell you I'll be away for a few days shooting the "Bill".
Well not literally, I'm at the read-through tomorrow (Thursday), Friday's free and then I'm on a panel at the International Live Music Conference in London, Saturday before filming starts on Monday through Thursday. The ILMC should be fun, facing all these pros who run the live music scene. Either I'll be arrested for decking a French promoter or I'll come away with a few open air offers! I hope the latter. I put forward an idea a while back that artists should be more involved in the ILMC as for a long time I was the only one attending (being a manager as well!!:)) This time I've a few points to raise regarding the state of the live scene etc etc.:)
I'm on a panel with Ed Bicknell, Mgr. of Dire Straits and Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile who ironically are working here at the Farm! Subject is the live scene from the perspective of the gigging artist! Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall? Bitter, who me? :):):) It's always fun and the chance to put oneself around is always neat! I'll fill you in next week.
I'm staying at my sisters so there should be a few late nights although I've got lines to learn and a character to find dahhhling!:) As long as I stay away from the Spanish moss!! (Although I heard it helped Robert Mitchum and Steve McQueen!:) How much for a bale?

The press up here has been ridiculous! I can't seem to move without a report on the house or the number plate or the label or the memorabilia sale! I'm everywhere. As I said if only the album had so much coverage. It seems the press is now scouring the web site for detail. Welcome guys! This is where it's at. The good thing is it's mostly positive and for that I thankyou if you're out there.
Things are changing for the better and a silver lining is becoming visible through the clouds. It's early days and I won't count my chickens but the spirituality of the decisions I've made is bringing luck back into my hand!
Nuff said.

The convention on May 30th.
I've arranged a pub crawl starting at the Waterside at 12 pm, heading to another pub at 1pm and finishing at the Railway at around 3pm! We'll be playing about 4 numbers acoustically in each venue before a "talk" at the Tyneside at 3.30 pm! Sound good? The tracks will be different at every venue and the thought of a large dose of Fish heads running about Haddington from pub to pub excites me! Mayhem incarnate!!

Mo has already mentioned this but we're looking into the idea of a live Internet concert for all you guys elsewhere! Contact Mo if you know anything about the Technical necessaries!
I plan to film the whole event on Digi camera! Nothing elaborate but it'll give a memory on film! This is 10 years after all!
This will be a special weekend I promise and the band have already been told to prepare to rehearse some "other" songs!

So my freakers, don't e me this week if you need answers to anything. Merch orders will still be taken by the wonderful Jez but the other stuff will have to wait! Am I really looking forward to 20 odd digests? I don't think so!

stay cool cherubs I'm only coming out the closet for the week!:)
I'll be back next Friday!
Take care, stay alive
Onkel Fish x

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