Email 25th March 1998

Subject: Re: Fish 98 - Queen, World Cup Songs and other drivel

Dear Freaks,
I thought I'd have a go at trying for my own digest this week. After the last biblical epic that was returned and had to be re jigged to fit this one is shorter - not a lot - but shorter.
Ok. various items raised on the list.
Freddie Mercury's tribute concert. Brian May wanted me to attend but due to pressure from different powers that be my name was omitted from the line-up. Brian was really pissed off at this and apologised to me as he knew and understood my feelings toward and respect for Freddie. He is still in my opinion one of the finest frontmen ever to grace the world's stage and the lessons I learned during our brief friendship on the 86 tour will never be forgotten. Brian felt that the tribute event was taken from outwith the remaining members control and he personally felt there should have been contributions from people who were closer to the Queen circle than perhaps others that performed on the day. If I had been given the chance to be part of the day then the song I told Brian I would love to have performed with the band was "Liar".
I will always have the great memory of working with Freddie on stage at Mannheim and Koln, singing "Tutti Frutti" while fencing with the cut-down mike stands during the guitar break. It's on some bootlegs one of which I was sent years ago.
He was one of the great all time characters and I still miss him.

I read on the list that there are allegedly a host of coincidences between my writings and those of Robert W Chambers. Please enlighten me as I have no idea who this gentleman is. Reading list please?
Currently reading BTW Ian Rankin - Scottish crime writer similar to James Ellroy (read the catalogue).

Yesterday I agreed to sing on an alternative Scottish World Cup song, the official is by Del Amitri. Written by Glaswegian Eric Rowan we decided to form a project band called "Scotia Nostra" which includes Squeeky on drums, Steve Vansis on bass, Jim Prime of Deacon Blue on keyboards and guitars shared between Eric and others including "big George Ross Watt " a well-known and brilliant Scottish blues guitarist who put me onto the song.
There'll be the obligatory pipe band and epic chorus and as far as I'm concerned it's a goer as they say.
We're recording it at the Farm in April and expect massive media coverage as Eric is a master at PR. The song is called "Scotland by our side" and it's more credible than any World Cup effort from this country so far.
Release date - as soon as possible.
The B-side is "Internal Exile" and there will be a video accompanying the single.

Some of you have been asking about camping facilities, maps of the area, Bed and breakfast places etc for the Convention on the 30th May.
You can get all you need from the East Lothian Tourist Board, e-mail them at this address - nick at, or, laurence at
Monksmuir camp site is the closest and where most camping freaks meet for a cider or 8. Their phone/fax no. is 0044(uk) 1620 860340.
Tickets are being printed this week for what looks to be the biggest and most international event yet.
I'm still trying to work out how to get this gig up on the net for those of you who can't attend for geographical or other reasons. Mo and I are on the case.

NOT YET CONFIRMED- I've been offered and accepted a show on the 28th August in Trier Germany. As this is a Friday then Saturday is open for a German Fan Club Convention somewhere in the Bonn/Dusseldorf area. More will be forthcoming once the Trier show is confirmed.
It's important to note that unless a show is confirmed on the web site then it should not be taken as a definite gig. There's too many cases where a promoter offers a show and then withdraws for financial or logistical reasons (or in the case of the Woodystock Dutch fiasco the guy who offered the show to my agent had nothing to do with the event and was trying to make a percentage on the sell on to the real promoter)
The only confirmed shows this year are the Convention and the Malta gig on September 5th. Others are in the pipeline but the contracts have not yet been issued therefore they are not definite.

All this talk about hi-fi and who has the biggest and best took me back to school days. I hereby take the accolade of having the biggest and best hi-fi on the freaks list and you can have it for 795,000 pounds (batteries included). It's got an amazing 56 channel cassette deck, really big woofers (and one small one called Simba) and more bleeping flashing lights than an 869 vehicle pile up on the M25 in December included in which are 3 Fairground operators and the spaceship from Close encounters. The tweeters even scare the cats.

Andy. The Lords Prayer Fishy style had me in stitches, wonderful.

Finally the press are still swarming around all the news from here. I just pulled major articles in the Scottish Sun and Edinburgh Evening News regarding the "Bill" episode and a charity race I entered Tammi for on June 7th in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. It's a 5k race in aid of Cancer research which I'll start and the wife will run. She wasn't happy about that.:) I need to get into training and will be following her around the circuit in the van just in case.
Laughs aside, it's for a great cause and anyone in the Edinburgh area is welcome to come along and partake.
That's all for now. Read you all soon
Take care
Onkel Fish x

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