Email 31st March 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Viceroy records - the end

Dear Freaks,
Up till now I've been unable to comment on the Viceroy situation but as of close of business today NYC time I am yet again a free agent in the States. The company had been put on 90 days notice to remedy a major breach of my record contract after which all rights to "Sunsets" revert back to me and they must discontinue production and distribution.

At this moment in time they owe me 18 000 US dollars in record royalties and publishing accounting and have offered no method of payment.
I am needless to say extremely annoyed.
I've not seen a penny since we received the small advance last year which has long since been recouped.
Both Jim Pitulski my manager and I have been waiting on these payments and allowing time for Viceroy to re-finance. These have been false promises and as we all know from the minimum effort the company put into backing this album this scenario comes as no surprise.

The positive element is that I do not have to deliver another album to a company I have found to be totally inept at every opportunity they have had to prove themselves . I don't think another tour would have been likely if they had taken up the option on "Raingods".
As it is I have the opportunity to bring the album into the new label together with "Sunsets" and the rest of the solo catalogue. (Viceroy didn't want the back catalogue).
I already have 2 offers for the catalogue both from reputable and well financed and distributed companies and both with Worldwide distribution through Major labels. I expect to be able to name my future label in the next 6 weeks.

The down side is that although the USA and Canadian tour had a very positive effect on my career, mainly through the incredible response at the gigs on the back of a great and well received album, the impact was lessened by the inability of Viceroy to financially support the album through effective promotion and marketing campaigns. They did not deliver what they promised when we signed to the label and blew the finest chance most labels would have died for. In the end they did not have the abilities or the finances to back the project which if we'd known in the first place we would never have signed the deal.
Their attitude to the current situation has been despicable and I have no alternative but to begin legal action against the company to recover the moneys due by rights to me.

If you would like to contact Viceroy to register your feelings on the subject they can be contacted by e-mail vroy at or you can phone them at 212-465-2357. The accountant is Anthony Roger and the Owner is Arnie Goodman. I'm sure they will welcome any input on the subject particularly as it was the freaks list that created so much of the momentum surrounding the tour and put so much work into on the ground promotion of the "Sunsets" album. Flame on.

Yours growlingly
Onkel Rumblefish

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