Email 1st April 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - The "Bill" date, other TV news and the Polydor albums

Dear Freaks,
Well it just keeps on going up and down to the point where I'm enjoying the ride rather than feeling sick.

Viceroy Records NYC are already taking the brunt of the freaks e machine and all I'll say is keep up the good work:) If you've ever wanted to tell a record company what you think then now's your chance. Viceroy's attitude to this situation is sadly typical of many independent co's (not all I have to add) and the reason many artists feel disillusioned with the industry.

On far brighter notes I now can tell you for certain that the episode of "The Bill" that I'm in will be broadcast on the 17th April at 8pm. The programme is called "Manhunt". I expect to have some publicity stills on site in the next week.
I've also been offered a part on Noddy Holder's new Pop Quiz prog which is being shot next week on the 9th April in Manchester. Usual fare, funny quotes and wrong answers with the obligatory Floyd question you can answer so as not to appear completely stupid. The show's called "Noddy Goes Pop" and will be broadcast about 3 weeks after the recording. I think they are actually shooting 2 shows with me but more in the future.

We have Major label interest in the alternative Scottish World Cup single. The Scottish press are drooling just now and the "Scotia Nostra" outfit is already lining up a couple of other TV related projects.

June 7th will be an SAS day out at Battersea Park in London as part of a Threshers Wine Event (hic:) and I'm awaiting confirmation of an SAS gig in Geneva on the 14th June, venue unknown. More news to follow in the next week. The Edinburgh gig in April is definitely cancelled as the powers that be are going with Finlay Quaye, the new Scottish Bob Marley. A fine singer and a good Hibby and currently flavour of the month in the UK. Tell me the same old story.

The memorabilia sale is kicking off and I don't want to sound rude but can you make up your mind if the jacket is a freaks list target as some people have e'd me privately asking what's happening as they want to make a bid for this but are hanging off as they don't want to upset the list. I'm going to put another update out as the snail mail has been changing a lot of the bids around and also taken up a lot of the "no bid" items.

Just in case you're wondering when a new member called fish joins the list officially, all my reading is from the freaks list sent to Jez and he sends them through to my office on internal. I figures it's time I got on myself as weekends are awkward to keep up with (especially Sundays:) ) So now I'm a fully fledged freaker. Please note my address is not Demon but Please don't send e's about touring or questions that require elaborate answers as I honestly don't have the time and after all that's what the list is for. I'll answer the q's on list or you can find fellow freaks happy to illuminate.

Ok to end with a couple of laughs for you. I think the list should get together and buy the wedding dress for Steve H. I've been reading about, but never have seen H do his dress routine on stage. He must be about a size 10!:) I'd consider it a bonding procedure!:) What do you think H?:)
Chris Kimsey thought the lyric on White Russian was "Floozies on a street corner".
In queue for a bus? Badger 52 ? What colour is dog ?

And finally, I shit thee not. I'm going to see the Spice Girls on Saturday. It's only as a dedicated Father I do this as Tara thinks they're great. I even had to buy tickets as not even my clout gets me in to their gigs. The thought of being 6 foot in a land of munchkins makes me shiver. I hope the press photographers don't see through my disguise. Any suggestions for what I should go as ? :) The review will be on the list Sunday!

BTW Pete's not with me before anyone asks and I wasn't with him Tuesday night!:)

Sleep tight, love Onkel Fish x

ps I completely forgot! Polydor today agreed the deal that will bring Internal Exile, Songs From The Mirror and the videos onto the Dick Bros catalogue! The entire solo collection is finally together under one roof. Pity we're moving house! :)

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