Email 9th April 1998

Subject: Fish - 98 Live album and Fortunes

Dear freaks,
Just to bring you up to date with the new titles. Fortunes of War - Acoustic live UK94. I had real problems getting the Artwork together as I'm using Mark Wilkinson's T-shirt design as the front cover. I'd expected to have this in production by now but the artwork has only just been found by the Co. who made the shirts. Everything else is ready so I'll be handing the material to the Company who put it together next week.
As with the "Tales ..." album I am not manufacturing this title so it'll take a wee bit longer than normal.

"Tales From the Big Bus" - I'm waiting on Calum Malcolm to start mastering the DAT and as he's returning on Monday I should have this ready for production by the end of the month. The cover is being taken from the digital camera images (from the Chicago road trip to Denver-how Kerouac!) and I am waiting for the guy who operates the Mac system I need to give me a date to start.
I know some of you are waiting feverishly for this and have paid already for your albums.
Don't worry everything is in hand and the latest I'd expect to get finished copies is the end of May. We're working hard at this and will do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!
All the best
Onkel Fish x

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