Email 11th April 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Happy Easter! Led Zep, Noddy Holder more TV!

Dear Freaks,
First of all a Happy Easter to one and all!!! I just got back from Manchester where I was shooting 2 programmes for Noddy's Electric Ladyland, a pop quiz that's shown across the UK on a Saturday night about 11.30 or thereabouts.
I don't know the transmission times but I'll give you notice. It's basically Noddy as quizmaster, 2 gorgeous Babes as team captains and 2 members on each team. The 2 progs swapped the teams around so one week I'm on with the lead singer of Superdrug and Miles from Wonderstuff (we were both on Polydor at one time in our history) and the drummer from Dodgy made up the other team. It started later than thought so by the time the quiz began we were all a bit oiled and loud. The recording of the second programme descended into chaos as the wine took some of the younger elements out! Miles was gaga!
A late night in the Portland hotel bar and much reminiscing with Noddy over a bucket of Vodka. We've both come to the same conclusion about the business and are both following more diverse careers in the entertainment world. Twas a great night!
Wait till you see my "twisting" with the beautiful Femme! puts John Travolta in Pulp Fiction to shame!!:)

The Zep thread was interesting ! In fact for a while I thought I was on the wrong list! :)
Here's an anorak corner gem.
I went down to see Zep at Knebworth in 79 (?) when Todd Rundgren was supporting.
I was a huge fan of Todd's stuff and preferred to see that weekend's show rather than the other with the Barbarians, Keith Richard's band. My girlfriend and I went down and set up the night before near one of the entrance gates. during the night someone set fire to the fence and gates and we stormed in to the park. It was a great gig and I still have photos of the day taken 150 yards away from the stage!:)
Years later I was talking to Mark Kelly about Zep and he told me he was at the Zep Knebworth show as well. It also transpired he was also at the gate that burned down and after further discussion we realised that we slept in our sleeping bags less than 5 yards from each other! Another Zep link is that when we were writing Fugazi down in Monmouth we had a night off (again) in a local pub. There was a guy there who I thought was part of the rockfield Studio management and I went up to him and asked if we could stay on longer in the Mill as we needed more time to write.
It turned out that I was talking to producer Pat Moran and he said there was someone I had to meet in the bar next door. I was led round to the other bar and found myself shaking hands with none other than Robert Plant who was in the main studio with Pat producing.
I melted and drivelled rubbish for about 10 minutes. We were talking about comparisons and how Marillion found it hard to get away from the Genesis tag. He said they had the same problem initially with the Blues legends and that when Stairway came out nobody cared anymore. I don't remember much else I was too starstruck!
Other links - Francis Dunnery (fabulous guy) and It Bites were a Marillo support act.
It Bites rhythm section were approached to join my first solo band. Francis Dunnery became Planties guitarist years later and we were on the same bill at Parkpop in Holland in 93.
Todd Rundgren well you know that one!
Rush "Farewell to Kings" was recorded in Rockfield Studios. "Kings" was Kingsley the studio owner.
John Paul Jones was in the running to produce Vigil and we met at EMI to discuss possibilities which never worked out.
I was once in this Jacuzzi at Rod (Iron Maiden manager and Marillion USA adviser) Smallwood's house in LA after a Marillo show with this girl who told me that Jimmy Page had...
........Do you know it's possible to breathe underwater in a Jacuzzi! : )
I think that's enough for now!
So I'm off now. Hibs play Hearts our city rivals today. If we get beat it's almost certain that we go down a division and Hearts take a big step to winning the League! This will be a tough Saturday to get through without a coronary! Come on you Hibees!!!!!!!!
Have a great holiday weekend and I'll write soon.
Lots of love and Easter bunny cuddles
Onkel Fish x
PS The Bill is on at 8.30 on Friday!
PPS What have I said about American beer! Look at the amount of times George Michael has to go to the toilet!!

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