Email 20th April 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Noddy's programme details, the Scottish song and Aryeon

Dear Freaks,
How the hell are you all? Reading with interest ( :-0 ) the articles on NMC etc. I find it ironic that there have been more articles about that subject than any others recently. You must all be getting bored! :-) I scroll down a lot more than usual these days - the list of sad songs started to get to me!
(What about "Skeletons" by Rickie Lee Jones?)
Ok! Thanks for all the positive comments on the "Bill", looks like I got away with it.
I've arranged that Kenny at the Tyneside will have Fish videos and Fish related material including the "Bill" episode playing on the 2 TV's in the pub all day at the convention!
The artwork collection is being assembled and will be on exhibition upstairs at the Bridge Centre. The Bridge are also erecting a Marquee tent in their gardens which will be able to take 3-400 people. There will be stalls of NFC material as well as merchandise in the grounds as well as a PA for the "Talk" in the afternoon. It's stumbling distance with a pint from the backdoor of the Pub (Tyneside Tavern - my local and best bar in Haddington!)
I suggest people who want to meet on Friday arrange to meet there as no doubt my band will be resident that week!
There are 4 bands on the bill for Saturday. Traprain - a local folk outfit, 12 string gtr and female vox , very Sandy Denny! Jinx - Charlatans type indie outfit from Dunoon with local hero guitarist, just been recording at the Farm. Jump - you know them from the last tour! Great wee band and perfect for the night! And finally myself with a reorganised set featuring some numbers never played solo before (no not the Scandinavian play! :-)
I figured it's time for a bit of "clutching"!
The acoustic sets start at 12 at the 'Waterside' and move on through the 'Pheasant' and the 'Railway' before the 'Tyneside' meet and greet. A warning to all who attend "BEWARE OF THE 80 BOB" it's lethal to the uninitiated!
We've already sold 400 tickets and the gig isn't on public sale until this weekend! This will be one to remember!

The Scotland World Cup song is in the can and I must say I'm really surprised at how well it's turned out. Produced by Jim Prime (Deacon Blue kybds) and engineered by Elliot Ness of SOE fame, the results have set us up with the possibility of Major record label involvement in the Project. Bruce Watson from Big Country lends Giutars and mandolin, Squeeky Stewart and Steve "Bubbles" Vantsis hold the rythym together, Eric Rowan and George Ross Watt take guitars and yours truly is the voice. there's a piper in the middle 8 that takes the whole thing into good old fashioned Jock-Rock territory and I honestly believe we have a Scottish hit on our hands! The World is next on the agenda for the Scotia Nostra with the Soundtrack of a major BBC TV series in the pipeline! I now have to get a deal sorted out and get the track into production. Watch out Del Amitri!!!
Our first TV together is on the 29th April on the Channel 4 programme "Under the Moon". It's a late night show and we'll be miming because after a 4 hour trip on the train to London it's a well known fact that Jocks become naturally inebriated! :-) Watch out for the plastic footballs!

The Noddy Holder TV shows are due to be broadcast on the 2nd May and the 9th May with repeats going out on the 6th and 13th respectively. They'll be shown on Granada TV late at night and the programmes called "Noddy's Electric Ladyland". Set your VCR's.

The SAS gig on the 7th June at Battersea park is confirmed. I don't have any more details yet.
The 28th August at Trier is also confirmed with the German Fan Club Convention on the Saturday. Details to be announced.
I'm still waiting on a Dutch Open air gig to organise a weekend convention there. There are no plans for a formal tour of Europe this year. Stuttgart with the SAS band is confirmed for the 23rd May but I don't have details of the venue yet.
I'll also be in France in May as I've been invited to attend a writing retreat at the Chateau Marouatte (where Marillion recorded "Brave") at the request of Miles Copeland. This involves teaming up with other writers and musicians in an intense schedule over a week in order to create and record songs for future releases. It's an immense honour to be asked to attend and I hope to leave with the seeds of the Raingods album as well as some interesting collaborations.

The last week has been very prolific as regards studio activity. On Saturday Dutch musician Ayreon came over in order to work on his "Electric Castle" album. We had a great time together and completed 3 tracks for the album which is scheduled for release in September.
My part involved co-writing the lyrics for the tracks as well as singing the part of the "Highlander". It's a great piece of work and I'm very proud of my contribution. I'll let you know more as Ayreon moves forward with the project.

So the big 4-0 looms and the weekend promises to be Dionysian mayhem!
It's a party and a big one at that! The only down on the occassion will be the demise of Hibernian football club as a Premier Division outfit.
We drew 1-1 on Saturday and only a string of 3 point wins keeps us up.
We need snookers! Next game is against league leaders Celtic :-( I've just joined The International Hibs Supporters Mailing List and there's a BIG link to Mo's page on their site! We will be reciprocating!
Come on you Hibbies!!!

Finally the merchandise- I regret to say that the Box set is now totally sold out and there are no plans to reprint the boxes as the runs necessary for the costs to make sense are excessive! We would have to print around 2000 boxes and I don't believe there is that big a demand.
We will be reprinting some shirts and developing new items for the convention including a new sweat shirt design and Summer Vests (OOOH how trendy!!!) and as your local Raingod I'll be trying to sort out umbrellas!

That's all for now folks! Isn't it funny how I've nothing out just now yet I'm generating more profile than I have done for years! Bugger!!

All the best
Onkel Fish x

Ps. I met John Thompson from the "Fast Show" at Manchester Airport. We drank some beers and talked about badgers a lot!! The life of an actor and the deeper meaning behind some of Hardy's more obscure works............................... I'll get me coat!!

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