Email 28th April 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - A very Big Thank you!!!!!

Dear Freaks, Friends, fans and countrymen!
I just wanted to write and say thanks for all the Birthday wishes and messages I received up to and during the Weekend. I was sincerely touched by all the e's both personal and public and you all helped to making a great day even though you're spread all over the Globe.A big special thanks to all of the UK freaks who got together the Mad Hatters Tea Party painting. As you'll see from Mo's photos of the event it now hangs proudly in the kitchen to continually remind me of my mortality with regard to excessive drinking! :-)
The party was without doubt the finest I can remember and Tammi and friends made a wonderful day even more special. Their efforts and organisation were superb and I can't thank them enough for what they did in the weeks leading up to the day.

I'm still feeling rough and it's Tuesday! Rehearsals are underway in the studio and the boys are trying to get some new tunes together. Believe it or not I couldn't find a copy of CAS anywhere in the house and ended up watching the Loreley video to work out the keys etc. to some toons!

I'm off to London tomorrow with the Scotia Nostra for the Under the Moon programme and back on Thursday to prepare for the drive to Norwich - it never stops!
My throat's still sore from the party as I was singing with the SAS guys who came up! Roadhouse Blues, Lavender and some BV's with Tony Hadleigh were my limit and at 3am it was a bit cold to say the least! :-)
Everyone had a brilliant time and Sunday was more of the same - partying till 4 or so - I can't remember. It's back to normal and I've finally got through my 135 e's that swamped the decks in the last 3 days! Freaks list was interesting - hotter than the bonfire we had on Saturday! Nice to see some old regulars haven't lost their touch with tactical nuclear weapons! :-)
Well I'm of into the studio to warble for a bit! Post again on the Friday! If the list hasn't incinerated itself by then!

You take the high road and I'll take the low road etc
You take the acid and I'll take the dope and I'll be stonied before you,
for me and my true love, the drugs squad as well on the Bonny Bonny banks of Loch Lomond!
(Reference to bales of substances found on the Loch's shores in the early 80's)
Just thought I'd clear that up! :-)

Hear you soon
All the best and thanks to you all for being out there
Onkel Fish x

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