Email 1st May 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Tara, bids, Norwich Oval

Dear Freaks,
Well no-one said life was easy! On the train journey back home from London after the Under the Moon programme I received a phone call from Tammi saying that she had to take Tara to hospital in Edinburgh with acute stomach pains. Tara had had problems for the past 4 weeks or so and the local doctors had put it down to a stomach bug, one of many in the area these recent months. We'd become concerned and after 2 pain ridden and sleepless nights she decided to go for another opinion at the Sick Children's Hospital in the city. Within hours it was decided to operate that evening and I spent the last 2 hours of the journey in slow motion. My Dad picked me up at the station and I was taken directly to the hospital to find my daughter in severe pain and terrified at what was happening to her.
Tara was admitted to theatre at 7.15 pm and was released to the ward at 9.45pm minus an appendix. She is obviously in a lot of pain and was extremely frightened on coming out of anaesthetic and finding herself in strange surroundings. It appeared that she was only a matter of days away from a very serious condition and that the operation was timely to say the least. Tammi and I spent last night sleeping on the floor in the ward beside her and I've only just come home leaving her in the care of the most amazing nurses I've ever come across. They were so gentle and reassuring to all of the family I can only bow down in awe of their patience and understanding. Tammi's going back in this afternoon to stay the night and I'll be in later to visit before coming back to sleep before the Norwich trip.
The gig is still on but I'll be leaving directly after the show to drive back North in order to stay in the hospital that night and relieve Tammi.
Tara is fine and she'll recover quickly being so young. We expect to have her home early next week just before I have to head for France for the writing sessions at the Chateau.
The worst is definitely over and thankfully all is ok. For those of you with kids you know what it's like seeing your young ones in pain. I'd rather have had my own arm cut off than see Tara go through that. She'll be back on the trampoline by the end of the week! :-)

These events throw some plans into confusion.
The Memorabilia sale is now closed but I can't deal with putting the bids in order until I return from France as Tammi is otherwise engaged and I need her help to finalise the sale.
Jez will be dealing with the merchandise and Convention tickets for the next week so things will be slower than normal as he also has his office duties as well to perform.
Please don't e mail me until the 15th May unless it's urgent as Jez will be looking after my incoming and dealing with any queries. Merchandise and tickets are the only priority items being dealt with and he'll remove them from my PC.
The Norwich gig as I've already said is still on but don't expect lots of new numbers as time has been swallowed by recent events and rehearsals went missing. A flu bug (now dealt with) came in on the back of the hangover and the entire band went AWOL for 2 days this week with sore throats and fevers. The set will include some new stuff but the "Straws" material is on hold for the convention - sorry! We were supposed to go for it last night and today to make up for the beginning of the week! :-(
The show BTW is almost sold out and TBH I'm looking forward to a bit of release after the stress of the last 2 days.
I'll see some of you tomorrow at the Oval but I don't think I'll make the Freaks meet as I'm leaving as late as possible in order to see Tara before I head South.

I'll fill you in with everything in the next few days before I go to France but until then take care and stay alive!
Lots of love
Onkel Fish x
"we'll see each other in the morning.. when the sun comes up"

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