Email 20th May 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - Scooby Doobie doo!!! (sung to "strangers in the Night")


Dear Freaks,
What have you fuckers been smoking! Did you all succumb to that Spanish Moss spam and buy bleeding bales of the stuff!!!!!
One minute you're all torching each other for NM(f)C shit then you all go off into doo wally land and spend aeons discussing Shaggy and Daphne and other shit! Go figure!!!
Thanks BTW smart ass for pointing out that I'm playing 5 songs rather than 4 at Stuttgart!
OK I goofed - want a job as my Production manager? No wonder the tour stiffed! :-)
I still don't know the words to "All the young dudes". May have to do the Czechoslovakian version!

OK. Other themes (I love the "White horses" one! Tried to rip it off many a time)

I've not heard from Eric Brooks since the tour and like many others am concerned at the disappearance of the man! It has been decided that the Co NA will change and after a wonderful natural momentum was instigated Tom Pickel, JJ and Jeff Kuhns will assume the mantle and revive the association! It's happening at the right time as I move on the new deal which will mean the end of Dick Bros and the entry into the world of Indy - Majors. I can't name the label yet but negotiations are under way to license the catalogue and remove what has been a huge burden from this artist's shoulders. The USA and Canada are forefront in the plans and will be targeted with the new releases and touring plans.

The first releases will be the re-masters followed closely by a "Best of" covering the 10 year solo career. I know a lot of you will be saying "OK, Yin and Yang and now another 'best of..', where's the new stuff?" but there are a lot of people who have no idea of what I've done since Kayleigh and a lot of tracks that went missing in Indy land without the benefit of a Major distributor and serious backing! The "Best of .." scheduled for release in Autumn will hopefully remedy that and re-introduce me to a wider audience. There will as I have already said be new tracks on this album and the idea is with the new studio album following up in Jan/Feb the profile will be raised to elevate the awareness to a level that should spring board me into a different curve in my career!
In the Summer I'll be recording the new album and other tracks for the "Songs from the Mirror" re-masters as well as tracks for the "Best of.." album. The territory most applicable is North America. I don't need to expand, you know the score. I have 2 firm options for labels. The results will not be divulged until the deal is signed and you'll know before the ink is dry on the contract. This is part of the new cunning plan I told you about in January 98.
I think this backs up my motion of not leaving the Business but adopting new strategies.
I told you not to worry! :-)

Tara BTW is great and on Sunday after a bonfire party I introduced her and her friends to an old forestry trick. We had breakfast cooked on shovels! There's nothing like taking an old shovel (cleaning it with Dettol first!) and cooking eggs and sausages in it on the flared up embers of last nights fire!! The kids loved it! Funny thing though - there we were all Scots sitting in the blazing sunshine, sweating around a blazing fire at midday! Strange people!

Looks like I've got a ticket for the opening match of the World Cup between Scotland and Brazil. I can't divulge my source but I promise when I tell you in a few weeks what it's all about you'll crease yourselves!!

I'll post about the convention (600 tickets gone to the Fan club and the freaks list already!:-) and the itinerary for the day next week! Those of you travelling in will not be disappointed!
I just want to thank you sincerely for all the support and great vibes you've provide both to the memorabilia sale and the Convention so far! You have been truly outstanding! I'm trying to get the MRB items out as fast as I can and as has been suggested those of you lucky enough to get something send in a photo of you in the MRB gear and we'll try and get it up on the site for others to see!

There's a host of open airs on offer at the moment and that will definitely fulfil the Summer schedule! News will be posted as soon as they're confirmed. As far as Europe is concerned the touring will end there for this year - sorry folks! I still retain my attitude to long term touring as outlined in earlier posts!

Steve Vantsis is to be a dad btw! The last of the band to succumb to the dilemmas of parenthood! He announced it just after the party! Conceived in the Scottish Highlands no less - it must be the water! Or just terrible back pressure after 128 gigs!

Anyway I'm off now, the wife's giving me grief about doing too many E's!

Closing thoughts- Is Mo's e-address (Rainbow) anything to do with Zippy and Bungo? (Squeeky does a mean impression BTW - esp when he's pissed!)
Does anyone have the site address of the other bird on Scooby Doo? I fancied her rotten! I'd love to e her! Do romances with cartoon heroines count toward infidelity?
Oh well I suppose the language wasn't that bad! :-)

lots of love Onkel Fish x

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