Email 27th May 1998

Subject: Fish 98 - convention party! :-(

Dear Freaks,
Bad news or good news!!!?

The bad news is that there is no after show party in the George or the Tyneside. Late licenses were refused yesterday by the local licensing authorities which has left us with no option but to play a longer set!!! :-)
As we weren't due to finish until 12.30 the licenses applied for were till 3am and the powers that be thought that was a bit over the top for a Saturday!! ?
The pubs shut at 1am and the Plough next door to the venue has an outdoor license so there's ample opportunity to get very, very drunk!
The Tyneside also will have tables and chairs in the courtyard for revellers and will also be open till 1am.
I'm really disappointed that there's no big soiree after the show so I decided that as we have the Corn Exchange until 1am we might as well use the time in other ways!
We're going for at least a 2hr. 45minute set! God help my throat on the day!!!
I suggest that as we don't have the opportunity on the Saturday that we meet up for lunch on the banks of the Tyne at the Waterside Bistro at around 1pm on Sunday. We can go Dutch!! :-)

Good news is that we have access to a telephone line so an Internet chat session sometime in the day is on for you guys and gals who are unable to get there! Mo will be setting this up so I don't know times etc!!!
I know the drinking teams will be upset at this turn of events but Kenny at the Tyneside will I'm sure more than make up for it to you in the bar during the day :-)
This is the first convention held on a Saturday so you'll understand the reluctance of the authorities to grant the license. I was told that a Sunday late license was ok but a 3am was out of the question. Anyway it starts at 11 when the Tyneside opens and I think a session that lasts until 1am is fit enough for any Torchy out there!! We wouldn't have hit the bars until 2 at least giving only an hour of bevvy time!!
Waterside here we come!
There is no drink in the hall as a license would have meant age restrictions!

I'm waiting on the band now to arrive so we can start rehearsals! They'll love the idea of an extra few numbers to learn! Not!!

Hear you soon
All the best
Onkel Fish x

Ps tanya if you have that spare Francis Dunnery album I'll do a swop!

Mo says:

It's going to be difficult to fix definite times for chat(s) as 1) I don't want to miss anything and 2) Fish is going to be a little bit busy. As far as I know, the day looks something like this:
11am - meet at Poldrate next to Tyneside, itinerary posted there, artwork display and merch stall upstairs.
12am - Acoustic set #1 at the Waterside
12.45 - Acoustic set #2 at The Pheasant
1.30 - Acoustic set #3 at The Railway
3 to 3.30 until ? - chat at Marquee in Poldrate Gardens
After chat - closed soundcheck
7pm on - a small gig with a few friends LOL!

Right, so considering that people have to eat and rest the vocal chords at available opportunities, it looks as if the best times for chatting will be around 2.30pm to 3pm, or just after the soundcheck. Apologies for being so vague. I'll be on-line as much as possible but it's such a last-minute thing (sorry, we didn't think there'd be a phone-line available!) that we can't promise particular times for Fish to be on-line.
The site's Java chat room is proving to be a pain in the proverbials, but I recommend that you check it first. I'll have IRC running too and I'll be in #freaks, but as we haven't had time to set up a proper session we might be flooded off. We'll just have to see how it goes. If too many ppl try to send private messages or request private DCC chats we'll probably lose IRC, and if the site's chat room isn't behaving it might mean dumping the chat idea completely. So please, anyone who wants to try IRC with us, remember that we have to stay in the #freaks channel as an ordinary user (Rainbow) and *can't* handle loads of private stuff at the same time.

I can say with certainty that I *won't* be on-line during the acoustic sessions, the chat or the gig!

Nobody is taking a stopwatch with them AFAIK so all the above times are very flexible!

Seeya there

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