Email 3rd June 1998

Subject: Fish 98 The Convention - aftermath

Dear Freaks,
First of all I want to thank all of those who attended the convention at Haddington for making it without doubt the finest musical weekend we've ever had in this wee town!
All the locals I've spoke to in the last couple of days were amazed at the vibes and atmosphere you all created and all are asking when the next one is!!!!

I personally had a great time and to see the smiling faces late Saturday made the effort worthwhile. I must admit to being concerned after having volunteered to go for the Acoustic sets and the full night time show.
The rehearsals had gone well although with Frank coming on board for the entire set we lost a lot of time in restructuring the guitar parts!
That's my excuse for the memory loss incurred during portions of the set! :-)
Thanks especially to all who helped put up and clean the artwork on the morning! I forgot how much there was and with the extra pieces brought from the framers late on there was a wee bit of panic! Even I was impressed at seeing all the artwork together for the first time in one room. Re the missing pieces - Internal Exile album wasn't up as the original is only the surround without the photo , the IX single wasn't finished being framed, SOE is still at the T-shirt manufacturers, Goldfish and Clowns was forgotten( :-), He Knows.. has never been in the collection, Jo Mirowski has it, Punch And Judy was stolen a long time ago from EMI! It surfaced in Liverpool!
I didn't want to activate the sale at the convention but I will be going through the artwork that is for sale in the next 3 weeks and operating the Gallery on the website! News when it happens!
Kenny BTW at the Tyneside was sold out of Lager and Guinness on Saturday night. You did heed my warning on the 80 then :-) The locals in the pub had never met such friendly people, yesterday they were all talking about how many different nationalities they'd managed to meet in a day!
When 12 arrived I was hecticated! Suddenly it was time to sing!!! The bright idea thought up during a late night session was not as attractive in the cold rain of day!
I was surprised when I reached the Waterside just how many people had shown up! (It was funny giving people directions - "Just go through the graveyard and hang a right.." 'Wind up' was in everyone's mind!)
The sets have all been covered in the reviews so I won't go over them again apart from saying that remembering lyrics isn't as easy as you think!! :-) I was very aware that there was a lot of singing to be done that day and I was conscious I had to guard the voice like a marathon runner conserves his stamina! I also had to be careful that I didn't get too pissed either! I've never been in so many pubs and been so sober!
Next up was the Pheasant and I was blown away by the attendance. This was probably my fave of the afternoon sessions , packed crowd, sweaty vibes, singalongafish and Tara in the front row! the Railway was also great but the standing crowd took away the contact ! We'll get chairs next time! By three o' clock after 2 pies and 3 pints I was heading for the Tyneside and the Talk!
As always the organisation flies on a wing and a prayer and we had to wait on the PA before the chat could begin. I was happy with the Q and A session and I'll let you digest the contents on the list as supplied by other sources!
After that I had to get some rest as I was very aware that if I hung around I would be A - unable to keep a voice for the full show and B - very, very drunk!
I headed to the farm and hit the sack for two hours waking up at 8 to prepare the throat for demolition! A won tun soup and some crispy duck later I hit the hall ready for action!
2 glasses of wine and stage beckoned after an extended warm up to blow out the tubes!
All went well until the scrotum tightening 'new' numbers and then the brain had to go into overdrive as I started to have 'whiteys' trying to remember the words. Even though I had them written out on the stage I was still floundering! :-)
Tongues was the worst faux-pas and I completely forgot the 3rd verse turning to the band who were waiting on me to start and screaming at them to hit the chorus!
My mind went blank. I was exhausted by the end of the set. The output of energy throughout the day took it's toll and by the time I got back to the farm I was hallucinating!
It's taken me 3 days to get back in mental shape as I was totally drained by all the activities surrounding the convention.

I have to thank everyone who helped on the day especially Tammi, Jez, Tim and Shona, my Mum and Dad, Yatta, Duncan and the crews, Dave, Big Paul and the security teams and of course Mo and Peter for managing the on-the-spot reporting to the Net which I must say I regret not being able to take part in due to commitments.
Last but not least thanks to all of you for making the convention work and for making the effort to get up here!
I really am sorry about the rain!!!!
Same time next year?

all the best
Take care
Onkel Fish x

Come on you Brazil!!!!

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