Email 22nd June 1998

Subject: Re: I Feel Cheated Big Time - Sunsets...CD

Fliporama wrote:
> As you all know this Sunday June21 1998 is Father's Day here in the USA. I
> happen to be the father of 2 ( 3yr Girl, Makenzie Nicole & 2 month boy Gabriel
> Ean)
> My wife totally surprises me last night with an early gift... Fish's Sunsets
> on the Empire CD!!! I thought excellent. Due to kids, mortgage, and just life
> in general I have to admit I never had the chance to pick this up! I have it
> on tape but never the CD. Anyway a sticker on the Cd says 'Enhanced CD
> contains CD Rom video
> Brother 52'... I thought great what a deal all the songs plus the video... Now
> keep in mind all the songs are listed on the cd jacket, the back of the disc
> cover and on the CD itself it says Sunsets On The Empire. Nowwhere does it
> lead you to believe that the rest of the album is not on this disc... Guess
> what, I put the disc in the drive, open up the info, and I don't see the
> tracks listed just music movie and 2 ways to download the quickview player.
> I thought this appeared to be strange but I figured I would run the video then
> see what happens, Video runs, it is real cool tatoo parlors and all that
> stuff, (if you have seen it you Know what I mean) , nad that's it!!!! no more
> music what a bite in the ass, I am so disappointed that I just had to vent my
> frustrations to you fellow freaks, Has this happened to anyone else? or am I
> the only sucker in this group... It is cool to have this, it even says for
> promotional use only but damn I wanted the entire CD... So know I have this
> cool video but not the entire CD.. I am pissed!!! I'm thinking of returning
> it, the budget only allows for a certain amount of cd's a year, I mean most of
> the spare cash goes to Barbies and stuff like that for the young ones... What
> good does this cd do me if I can't smoke a fatty, kick back with a brew and
> listen to it! What a dilema!!! I give the wife all the credit in the world for
> making the effort to get me a Fish CD, she is a fan and I am often pleased
> when I come home and Marillion or Fish is spinning ing the CD player... Our
> Wedding song was Lavender, it is the perfect song, everyone was blown away by
> it, especially Rothery's screaming guitar notes, Anyone looking for a wedding
> song I highly recommend it!!! Thanks for listening...I'm feeling better now
> after venting, Onkel if you have a heart and I know you do you'll get in
> touch with me and hook me up with an autographed copy of the full version. Hey
> stranger things have happened e me at fliporama, with love,
> Flip / Almost.Human

Dear Flip,
Sorry to hear about the short Cd! Take it back to the store where your wife bought it and get it changed! Otherwise keep it safe or sell it as a collectors item! As you didn't buy it from us there's no way I can sort you out as the USA versions are dealt with by our favourite company Viceroy who still haven't paid me and as far as I know never will. We have put debt collectors on their tails now so if they're not shut down yet then they very soon will be! I think it's a wee bit unfair to ask me to send you an autographed freebie to compensate for an item you bought from someone else!! :-)
You should have got one from us in the first place! How come it took you 10 months to decide to get it anyway? :-)
all the best
Onkel Fish
Ps. You bought a promo copy which means I'd never see a royalty anyway! They're not supposed to be on sale to the public! That's why they're marked promo!
Pps. If Barbie is so popular how come you have to buy her friends?

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