Email 23rd June 1998

Subject: Fish 98 Raingods, Scotland v Morocco and other Tales!

Dear Freaks,
So now the time has come for Scotland to prove that we can win as well as be the friendliest supporters in the World! No more glorious failures! No more "nearly"s and "if only"s.
Our time has come to shine on the International stage and have the party of parties!!!
I must say I offer commiserations to the USA team as I was rooting big time on that game. You could be taking over Scotland's hard luck mantle!! :-(
The pre game flowers and hand shakes were very moving and were admirable gestures from both nations considering the grief that's gone on in the past!
Antway expect an e later tonight no matter what the result - we'll party anyway. I wish I was there but the promised tickets never showed so it's back to the Tyneside for me!
Last time I was out of my head on Vodka and Red Bulls bouncing about on the trampoline singing at the top of my voice before mounting the mountain bike and charging drunkenly around the garden at top speed uttering howls of celebration at a 1-1 draw!!! :-)
Just think if we win and qualify for the first time in our history!! (especially after last nights result - "they're going home, they're going home, Englands going home!!! :-)")
Sorry couldn't resist that! I've got Tony Turrell and Mark Daghorn (otherwise known to you as 'Positive Light') working up her at the moment and we watched the game together! When Romania scored I was a bit over enthusiastic much to their horror and when Seaman and Le Saux combined for the last minute screw up my ecstasy was not welcomed at all! It's difficult to explain to English people why Scots always celebrate an England defeat or delight in an English football disaster but we do! Last night was fun and I hope we can silence our Southern critics with a victory tonight! (most probably in Scottish tradition we'll beat Morocco and Norway will scramble a spawny win against Brazil leaving the group to be decided on the draw of 2 balls from a bag - with us losing out!!!!)

Anyway, enough football, and I'll answer the question now on your minds of "why are the 'Positive Light' guys at Millennium?".
They asked me to get involved with a track they had called "All these Christs", throwing some ad-libs and spoken sections to their near 30 minute new epic groove / atmospheric monument they've been cooking for the last 3 months. When I heard it it was still bare boned enough to be pliable and open to suggestions. After little discussion and less prompting we've decided to make the track, now called "A Plague of Christs" into the centre piece of the "Raingods .." album and utilising all at our disposal to create an awesome piece of 'modern prog groove' in a similar direction to the "Sunsets.. " material. We're still in early stages but the studio is booked for full recording on the 20th July for 2 weeks to deal with the laying down of what I'm sure will prove to be an outstanding piece of work. Mark and Tony will be co-producing this track.
The other tracks comprising the "Raingods.." project will be "Incomplete", "Mr. Buttons", "Tilted Cross", "Tell me a Story" (working title for a song written with Andy Gardiner in Paris when on the World Cup trail, he co-wrote Mr Buttons) as well as 2 songs with Mickey Simmonds, one the title track and the other is in progress!
We'll also be recording "This Town ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us" and "Faithhealer" for the "Songs From The Mirror" re-master as well as "Mission Statement" and "Chasing Miss Pretty" for the "Best Of.." project. Apart from Mickey's stuff and the Parisien song the others come from the Castle sessions which will be up on the site in the next few weeks when Mo has time from her hectic workload ( Hi Mo :-) ...

I honestly didn't expect to go into this as early as we are and the Musos are difficult to get together to say the least. Robin will be involved but only for a limited period as he's off with Howard Jones for most of the Summer which means the guitar parts will be taken by a number of players. Squeeky and Steve are both involved as is obviously Mickey with Frank Usher on call and Elliot Ness from the Sunsets sessions on the desk as engineer / producer.
Calum Malcolm will hopefully be mixing the album in August.
I still haven't got the label deal in place but I'll be financing this myself throughout the period in order to maximise on time and opportunity available this Summer.
It'll be the last solo album to be recorded here at Millennium before the intended move in the Autumn when hopefully a buyer will be in place and I make the next step in my life.

"Tales from the Big Bus" is due in this week and all funds gathered from these sales will go to paying for the recording. I'm still waiting on Polydor to sign off on the re-licensing deal and as soon as that's in place the video collection will be put in the pipeline and that will go a long way to making the "Raingods" project feasible. I could wait on funds from a new deal but it takes too long for contracts to be negotiated and signed off and if I wait too long then I'll hit a time problem further down the line. The cunning plan is activated!
Any support you can give us through the Merchandise is welcome and I hope that you'll all get behind the Video Clip Collection when it's released. We've come a long way since the shit hit the fan in January but the pressure is still on until the New deal is signed.
It is very close but not close enough for my liking. Bit like Scotland in the World Cup!!!!!

Scots Wha Hae!!!!
Lots of love
Onkel Fish x


ps. Anyone got the Kerrang review! I never buy music papers nowadays!:-)
House show on BBC2 on the 25th at 8.30 (I think it's this week!) "All the right Moves"
Anyone see the Gardening prog on STV?
Interview on BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday at 12 am. All to do with my favourite place- needless to say I went for the house!!! :-)

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