Email 26th June 1998

Subject: Dark Side of the Moon Nm/fc

Dear Freaky friends!
Interesting views on concept albums and I was perturbed to find that Dark Side was a "mood" piece rather than a concept!!? Next time you listen think of touring!! It starts with airports etc. moves into "Time" spent hanging around, money the thing that breaks bands up, us and them - the relationship to the audience etc. and finally coming home to cope with reality! I won't go into anymore detail, figure it out yourselves!
You'll find loads of gig references! It's all about the dislocation from reality when on tour and what happens to the band when it becomes "famous". The lyrics to "Money" are on the ball!
I worked it out one night when very, very drunk after coming back from a trek in the World!
It's one of my favorite drunk party pieces and if you're ever in my company and I start to prattle on about DSOTM then you know it's time to go home and time for Onkel Fish to go to bed!! :-)
That's all folks!!
Onkel Fish
Come on you Colombia!!!
Hard lines Alex, I know how you feel! :-(

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