Email 30th June 1998

Subject: Tyneside Humour! NM/FC

Dear freaks,
Just to let you know that a few months ago the 66 World Cup Final highlights were being shown on TV in Scotland again and one of the boys after hearing a discussion on the match between 2 pundits next to him said "Oh no, I didn't want to know the score, my Mum was taping the match for me!!!" :-)
Onkel fish
AAArrrggccccoolllHolllaannnerrmmmany.......oh no I've forgotten who I'm supporting now!! :-)
I think I'll take up curling.... Scotland do well at that!:-)

Other true story to end with - 4 English guys go into a pub in St. Etienne with the 3 lions strips etc. and are refused service. They go out, buy Scotland strips, scarves and other apparel, paint their faces with the Flag and go back in to be welcomed with open arms and get to meet the family, the owner who buys them drinks all night and they leave having had the best time of their lives! Makes you think about what the "nutters" are getting wrong about International relations!!
PPS Did anyone see the Norwegian fan who to me had the funniest T-shirt so far - "We kill whales 4 fun!!" No-one got upset! Most people have a sense of humour!!:-)
George Weah is a great football player and what he's done for sport and kids in his country is admirable. I don't think that Dunga and Ronaldo are conscious of the horrors of their country when they play. They probably do as much by playing as they do to bring entertainment/excitement/hope and pleasure to millions of people, including many kids that will never get the chance to buy a pair of football boots never mind travel to see a Brazil match! Football is fun and fans wind each other up endlessly! If I was at the Norway match I would have been with the "Jocks" drinking with the "whale killers" till dawn and if any "Argies" had been around then they would have been with us!! :-)
Chill out! :-)
PPPPS I think I've a great Onkel who wore clogs once!!

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