Email 1st July 1998

Subject: Fish 98 Footy, Malta, Tales, SAS CD etc.

Dear Freaks,
What a match!!! Best one so far and nearly gave Elliot our engineer and Tony Turrell heart attacks!
On the penalty shoot out we had a shot of Vodka (large of course) for every shot at goal. Squeeky was legless at the end! :-) What do I say? I loved the match and the roars could be heard from Edinburgh when Batty went up and didn't do the business (I took better penalties than that in my Mitsufishy days! ) But Beckham - what a tosser! If he'd been Scottish and done that he'd be in Exile now! Petulance and stupidity wrapped up in the mind of a brilliant player! What a time to throw a tantrum and right in front of the ref!
Owen was sheer brilliance incarnate and his goal definitely best of the tournament so far!
But Argentina were worthy winners , the free kick exercise was stupendous and fooled everyone in the TV room!
It's tough to take if you're English and no-one understands more than the Jocks what it's like to take defeats, especially in such a manner. (I couldn't handle a penalty shoot out, we'd be lucky to get one in!)
It's all going to get boring now - no-one to really get behind, no vested interest in the winners, apart from Germany I suppose what with the wife and all! :-) If she's happy then I'm happy!! :-) ;-)
It was a brilliant evenings entertainment and I was kind of glad Scotland went out when they did! We would have received a severe kicking last night if we'd been up against Argentina who must be favourites for the tournament now!

Malta - Max who runs the thing out there is a good guy! Trust him to get you tickets! We haven't the briefs to sell here at the Company so I'd suggest everyone to send wedge to Steve in Malta and he can buy them for you! (Steve / if that's OK by you?) The gig will sell out! Steve's idea of a freaks meet is OK by me and we'll set something up in the next month!

Tales - Copies arrived yesterday and Tammi has started sending the orders out! They are in the post - I promise! ! :-)

SAS CD- I'm not on the new CD which is a live thang recorded last year!

Polydor have signed off on the deal so I'm putting together the Video compilation next week! We'll be taking advance orders once we've worked out costs etc.! It'll be the entire collection of solo promotion videos with the possible exception of "Something in the air" which was a hastily put together series of frames from the "Credo" video!
Vids will be- State of Mind, Big Wedge, Gentleman's Excuse me (maybe both versions, one had more Berlin shots), Internal Exile, Credo, Hold Your Head Up, Lady Let it Lie, Fortunes of War, Just Good Friends, Brother52 and perhaps the Tony Banks video if we can get permission from Hit and Run!
Any suggestions for a title?

We start recording today with "Chasing Miss Pretty" and "Mr. Buttons" first up.
Both these tracks are for the best of collection. I'm sending the clips from the tracks in demo form to Mo tomorrow!
Band is Squeeks, Bubbles, Tony Turrell on Keys (Mickey arrives Tuesday to write and work on other tracks) and Til on guitars. Til is from Berlin and is Tammi's cousin!
He's a brilliant guitarist and as yet undiscovered. For you girls out there he's also a modern Dancer, Male Model and is 30 years old!! :-)
Picture to be sent to Mo almost immediately by request! :-). Elliot "Ness" is producing these tracks!

That's about it then for now. I'm just glad I didn't wake up and find myself turned into David Beckham!!:-) He'll be wearing his own knickers for a while me thinks!! :-)

all the best
Onkel Fish x

SSSSCCCCChhhffooehhhsskllfllllllwwwpppooo! oh Bollocks I'm bored with that now! :-)

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