Email 10th July 1998

Subject: Fish - 98 Tales Questions and Raingods with Zippos progress report

Hi Guys,
How the devil are you! Long time no post as I've been in the studio and working on other matters more of which I'll explain later in the month!!:-)

Re Tales- The set on the discs are 2 hours long but due to the medley occuring when it does I had to bias the set toward the first disc in order to stick to the curve of the event and avoid the breakup of the centrepiece of the setlist.
Goldfish and clowns was dropped during the European leg as the set was too long and my voice had to be conserved . With Lavender and Gentlemens we were clocking in at 2hours 20 minutes and beyond some nights. This would have been on the limit of cd recording.
I was pissed that the tracks went missing though.
One suggestion was to use tracks from a selection of gigs. This can't be done without ruining the curve of the listening experience as the sound changed every night and the end result would have been a patchwork of different sound qualities.
I keep the intros in the recording because they're part of the overall experience. The pauses are essential for atmospheres, contact and catching our collective breaths. The long intros on Tales are marked as separate tracks which can easily be programmed out on your deck once you get tired of hearing them. This gives the option but retains the whole feel of the gig which I've kept as true to live as is possible.
It's something I decided to do from the start with the Official Bootleg series as I personally like live albums with the frontman doing his thing. That's as much to do with the Gig experience as the music as far as I'm concerned. I too hated the Thieving Magpie!!
Too sterile for my liking.
The balance of the material I consider justified. It was impossible to change the set about too much and we'd rehearsed the set with the USA in mind preparing a 'pot pourri' :-) from a selection of albums but fronted by the SOE tracks. Over the 4 songs we did play there's nearly 30 minutes of material! 25 % of the set!

Some of you have asked about a second release from the tour. Rather than go into the same set I want to release the Haddington Convention show as a numbered limited edition (probably 3000) with special offers to Company members (any Company btw). I don't have the time just now to mix this as it was recorded on ADAT and requires some work but I hope to have it available at the German convention which if you don't know is on the 29th of August! :-) - Hi Olaf!

I'm waiting on permission from Virgin and Hit and Run to use the Tony Banks clip for Shortcut to Somewhere. Once I know the score I can put the video together.
Title frontrunning is 'Fish eye Lens' or something around that theme! My God there are some mind numbing suggestions out there! Pun city! You should contact Racket Records and help the boys out! :-)
I wanted to use intros and extra shots but the budget won't allow for it and time would be swallowed up in production. There is an idea to put together a Rockumentary from previous tours but that'll have to wait till I move into a new house and get a lot of spare time. I've over 200 hours of 8mm footage all from various solo ventures...

The recording is going well. Backing tracks for Faithhealer and This Town Ain't Big enough For the Both Of Us are down as well as Mission Statement, Chasing Miss Pretty and Mr Buttons. Mickey came up on Sunday and we've written an 8 minute opening track for the Raingods album called Tumbledown. Epic piano opening with a single in the middle of it!

It rocks!

I also have another track in progress called 'Before You Go' (working title) written with Tony Turrell and an Andy Gardiner track, 'Story' (working title) both up for the Raingods project.
Faithhealer and This Town.. are for the Songs From The Mirror re-master.

That's all for now. I won't mention the footy apart from to say Holland were very unlucky!:-( I can't see Brazil blowing it now!

More very exciting news coming soon! :-)

Love Onkel Fish x

Subject: Re: Fish on SAS video?

Gordon, Graham wrote:
> -------------------
> Many of you were in attandance at the SAS Band's gig in Surrey as a
> benefit for the family of their freind Del Ball. Roger turned up and
> played Rock N Roll, and the whole gig is now available on video
> (including Roger's one song!). It features Tony Hadley, Fish, Paul
> Young, Chris Thompson. Mark Shaw, Carl Wayne and Fabba (the two girls
> from Fabba are now confirmed as Brian's backing vocalists on the tour!).
> The video is UKp11.50 inclusive of postage and packing for the UK and I
> don't yet have a price for overseas, (it's not available on NTSC for the
> US and Japan I'm afraid!) Cheques payable to The del ball Benefit, to
> Sorry - no credit cards.
> -------------
> Fish, Are you on this? You said in a recent e-mail that you weren't on
> the new SAS CD, How about the video?

Dear Gordon and fellow freaks,
Although I'm not on the cd I'm on this release which is to support Del's family. The gig didn't make as much money as hoped so Spike asked us to contribute our services on the live video. Del was a good friend and great roadie who was killed in a motorbike accident in France.
If any of you want to help out buying the video will give a lot of much needed support to his family.
I've not seen the video yet but when I get a copy I'll give it ti Bill Macknees :-) to review for the Site and the fanzine.

all the Best
Onkel Fish

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