Email 4th August 1998

Subject: Re: Malta gig!!!!!!

Steven Camilleri wrote:
> Yesterday the Prime Minister of Malta announced snap general elections,
> yeah and you guessed it the asshole chose the 5th of September! Now the
> area where the venue of the gig was to be held WILL be closed on election
> day, as counting is done not 500 metres from the actual greek style theatre
> where Fish was to perform. I have phoned the organizers, and they are still
> in a state of confusion. I guess they still have to speak with Fish about
> it. I doubt very much a new venue with the same date is a possibility, as
> all police would be on duty at election booths, and this would cause a
> problem with security at the gig. The only possibility is perhaps a
> different date, but I suppose that depends on Fish's availability. I don't
> know if Fish has heard yet, more than likely not, but I (and I know a few
> more people on this list) would be grateful to know what is gonna happen!
> The organisers have told me to phone them again next Monday, which is what
> I'll do. Hopefully a solution will be found!!!!
> DAMN politics!!!!!
> Steve
> (the most famous freak in Malta)

Dear Steve and all freaks and FWO,
First of all I'd like to thank Steve for bringing this up so quickly - 5 years ago I wouldn't have known till I got there!! :-)
Ok the situation is this -
After Steve contacted me I called my agent who phoned the promoters (who ironically are also members of the government! :-). There is a meeting at 10am tomorrow in Malta where they will decide what to do with the show. Initial thoughts are to move the show by one or two days but they want to deal with this gig in the same week as advertised. As soon as I have news I'll post. If it helps any of you who have booked flights I've made the powers that be well aware of your predicament and I'll help as much as I can with extracting compensation from those at fault on this.
I hope it doesn't come to that and my experience of the Maltese people suggests a friendly outcome to this problem and a solution will be found.
Tammi , Tara and myself were really looking forward to the week's holiday around the show and also to meeting you all for Voddies of a night!
Let's all keep our fingers crossed that they find an alternative that suits us all.
all the best
Onkel Fish x

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